Technology and training.

So ladies and gents I’ve been a tad slow in posting here. So I’ll try to fix that. Specially now with my new kindle fire hd. You want a good tablet I’d go this route. But that’s not what brings you here.


Let’s talk about rifle marksmanship training. Specifically virtual training. Now I know some of you are saying “virtual .. you mean like video game virtual? That isn’t training. That’s just playing. Video game!”

Well in some ways I’d agree. And so would the military specifically the Army in regards to actually qualifying. But here is some important key facts to virtual marksmanship trainers, specifically the EST 2000 (engagement skills trainer 2000).

DAPAM 350-38 states that virtual systems are authorized for qualification on only two tables of fire. The CBRN Course of fire and Night time Course of fire.

Now with budget cuts and such many units and commanders are looking for cheap effective training to maintain rifle and weapon handling. Especially as ammo allotments dry up for units.

In a way it is sad the EST and other virtual trainers cannot be used as an replacement for actual life fire qualification. But in all reality, and in this I firmly believe, it should not and cannot replace life fire qualification on any weapon systems.

Now saying this I will state and will hold firm on the fact virtual training systems can and will improve any marksmanship skills a shooter has. But (always with the buts) you need a good marksmanship coach who not only knows the live fire aspects of shooting but how to read and use the virtual systems as well.

Let’s look at a few of the pluses to the virtual systems.

– They are relatively cheap in the terms of training budgets

– Weapons function/feel just like liberalism with a 75% recoil.

– An experienced operator of the virtual systems can program in a small amount of time almost any range/engagement situation.

– Most virtual training systems such as an EST 2000 have a multitude of previously scenarios ranging from force on force to zero/qualification to shoot don’t shoot as well as quick response drills.

– You can diagnose a check of a lot on a WAY when it comes to bad shooting habits using its built in weapon and system sensors.

– A good marksmanship coach will become a better coach through utilization of these systems and working with shooters on them.

– You have to use Iron sites.

– You can engage targets out to a virtual 700 meters.

And these are just a few of the many bonuses from using a system like this. But they do have their cons. Such as

– They are not live fire.

– it’s a 3d weapon system shooting on a 2d flat simulated surface. So basically simulated distance is hard to judge for long rang engagement

– Because of the above optics don’t work on virtual systems (yet).

– If you are not military or associated with the military moat likely will not have access to a system like a EST 2000.

– Let’s not talk about the initial purchase cost, weapons purchase, software purchase, and maintenance.

– Trained and experienced operators/marksmanship coach’s aren’t a huge commodity.

Even these listed cons still do not out way using an EST 2000 or any available virtual training system for weapons/course of fire familiriaztion and your crawl/walk phase of training for marksmanship.

It’s actually recommends by the DA PAM 350-38.

I’ve used many virtual training systems for marksmanship training and highly recommend them. Just remember they supplement training but do not nor can replace life fire.

So with that, Howdy, Semper Fi, and have a wonderful freakimg day.




2nd Amendment and You.

Been a while folks, for that I apologize, been busy working and training, prepping for our first Fire arms Basic Pistol course on Feb 16th looks to be a great time learning and shooting. But some things have me worried..

Recently, my middle daughter who loves to read, came home with a book. It was a berenstain bears titled “NO guns allowed.” I looked at this book and it troubled me. So I read it.

I read the whole thing. This book I’ve never seen in my life, and I grew up reading berenstain bears. This book. Meant for children painted guns and gun owners as crazy and evil. Going so far as to have a man in it, crying out that they can’t take his firearms because he needs them to fight aliens.

I’ve never ever kept my children from reading any books they wanted to read. I’m a very open minded individual. I didn’t let them read this book.

Why you ask? Well recently.. I had a little discussion with my oldest daughter. She loves shooting, is constantly asking me to take her shooting and sadly I don’t get the chance to take her as much as I would like. She asked me one day after school if guns/firearms where bad. I explained to her that they where not bad, and had her recite from memory the four fire arms safety rules I require all my children to know by heart, along with the Pledge of Allegiance and recite ANY time we go shooting before they pick up a weapon. To include their BB guns. She did. It makes me proud to know she is a safe shooter.

Now.. that isn’t really the root of the problem. In the past few weeks, I’ve seen and heard somethings that truly trouble me. I own fire arms. My wife has shot them. My children have shot them. I use them in my work, I use them in my hobbies. They’ve never damaged or hurt any one. They are cold inanimate objects made of metal and plastic. They get hot after a few rounds, but that’s normal. I’ve taught my children right from wrong, and that its not the tool, but what is done with that tool.

But apparently me owning and using these objects makes me a nazi. Being a member of the NRA makes me a nazi. It makes me a bad person. A bad father, a bad husband, a bad American.

To date, I’ve dedicated my life, to this country. First in Service as a United States Marine, then as a Town Police Officer, from there I worked with troubled youth in the Youth Challenge Program, and now, I train our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines to defend our country, I train Americans in fire arms marksmanship and safety. I’ve bled, I’ve cried, I’ve gone days weeks months with out proper sleep. I at times can hardly walk because of the pain in my knees. I sometimes cannot lift my own children to hug them due to the pain in my shoulders. I’ve missed birthday’s, anniversaries, and holidays. Pain I earned defending this country, defending its people. Americans.

And I read the paper, every morning actually, couple dozen different ones, and I see stories. Because I stand and defend and will continue to defend the Constitution of These United States. Specifically the 2nd Amendment, that I am a nazi. And I sit here and think.. I wonder, what am I going to tell my oldest daughter when she hears this.

She never was able to meet her grandfather from my wife’s family. He served in WWII, He could cook like a god, and he could drink like one to. His uniform hangs our wall from WWII. The man fought nazi germany. My daughter knows this. What is she going to say, when she hears her father is being called a nazi because he owns fire arms and believes in the right in owning and maintaining these fire arms?

She understands the evil that happened with these “individuals” of the nazi party. I’ve not shown her the pictures from the National Holocaust Museum yet, but she knows her history. She knows these people were evil and wrong.

So I’ve come to a brick wall.. What do I tell my 10 year old daughter, when she asks if she is a nazi. Because she believes in the right to own a fire arm. Wants to own a fire arm and loves to shoot?

Maybe I should ask the President of These United States that. or Maybe the papers writing their articles.

Because right now.. all I can do is hug her, tell her she is anything but. That it is our Right to bear and own arms as an American, and take my Daughter out shooting.

Semper Fidelis.