The grass isn’t always greener. (is that even a word.. greener.. )

So this video is meant to be a HA HA Funny. Sad fact is it actually hits a lot closer to home for a lot of troops transitioning out of the military then people realize.

For a regular individual joining the military right out of Highschool is often seen as a good idea. Allows the person to step out, grow up a bit, mature, earn some great skills, build up confidence, leadership capabilities, see the world.

It comes with its dangers of course the all to often common ones of being in the military. But what alot don’t realize is for most folks who join the military right out of highschool, then go into the military they are essentially trading one set of “parents” for another.

Your standard 18 year old may have had a part time job or even a full time job in the summer, earned some money, maybe saved up some. Likely didn’t have to pay for rent or food, biggest bill they may have today is paying for a cell phone, maybe putting gas in the car, or paying for insurance.

Most everything is taken care of for them while still at home. Its just part of being at home. They graduate, join the military and go from that home life, to a new one.

They still have some one essentially telling them what to do when to do it, how to do it. Just in a bit more forceful manner. Thats just in basic/boot camp. Finish that up and they attend their Military occupational specialty school, and things relax a little. Depending on what MOS they’ve chosen they can be at that school from any were of a couple months to up to half a year. They live in a barracks, eat at the chow hall, if they are at the school a while, they’ll get weekends and evenings off, making a steady pay check its at this point they start getting the opportunity to “live” a little. Step out side of the constant “home life” as it were start realizing what its like to be an “adult” with money. But there’s always that overwatch aspect. Their squad leader, platoon sergeant, instructors, team leaders will always be lingering and watching, hopefully making sure they arent doing things they shouldn’t or acting stupid.

Big key factor is if they default on a bill, the chain of command will find out and they will be forced to pay it and be punished. Its a factor of military life that few realize, and business use to their advantage. Don’t pay that credit card bill? Boom your company commander is notified, guess who you get to talk to tomorrow.. and then after that, restriction to barracks for defaulting of one payment, and automatic garnishment till paid off, and watched like a hawk, just to name a few things. so again the responsibility aspect is there.. but its still sort of like being at home with mom and dad.

So they get a few years in, experience under their belts, mature a bit, possibly now have some rank and responsibility were they are responsible for watching over a few troops. Still living in the barracks as single, biggest worry now is paying that car bill on that sweet mustang that they bought as a private at a 10 percent interest rate on a 10 year loan making their payment roughly half of their monthly income each month.. and oh.. they are only making about 1000 dollars a month maybe a little bit more. But hey! foods free in the chow hall, barracks is free. (Shocker folks not really, they actually pay you then deduct that cost of living out of your monthly paychecks, so if you don’t eat at the chow hall.. they get their money either way.)

Now the military is getting better at educating troops on financial   responsibility, and general “life” skills. But you still have that huge elephant standing in the corner of the room.. the whole “Your military skills will translate to civilian life!”

Yeah.. and bullets taste like pudding pops.

One of the biggest and most difficult challenges facing alot of troops these days is that statement. They don’t. Even on MOS that you’d consider easily translating across.

“OH you were a military police officer?! Perfect! you can get hired by a police department!”

Translation: “Oh.. you spent 4 years as a Military Police, well.. you have the prior experience.. but sadly your certification doesn’t translate across into civilian standards, so you’d still have to go to a POST academy for six months, graduate, then we’d likely put you with an FTO up to a year just to make sure your Military training didn’t impact your capabilities to interact with the civilian populous.”

No joke, I’ve actually been told that. And PLEASE do not put in for a job with a Police department and let them know you hold TWO MOS, one being Military police and the second… dun dun dun.. INFANTRY. “oh.. well we can’t hire you till you’ve been out for at least two years.”

Now of course not all places are like this, but it is a large factor aspect. And there are alot more MOS that are affected by this.

You’d think a Corpsman, or a Medic would be able to at least transition into a civilian EMT position. Nope. Licensing does not cross platform transfer.

And lets talk about all that “leadership” skills and “Confidence” and “Able to think under pressure.” Yeah. Military is great at developing that and alot of troops learn and earn this through their time in. But I’ve come to see that in many situations, what it actually translates to in the civilian world is “You think you are better then me at this job.” or you are seen as a threat of a supervisors position.

And why is that? Well some of its pretty simple from what I’ve seen. The military teaches. Procedure, policy and rules. You follow procedures. you follow policy and you follow the rules. If you don’t you get punished or dead. That simple. It teaches the point that you follow a procedure, policy or rule to the point that you know it inside out and backwards. You may not understand right now why you are doing this but eventually if you have any G2 (intelligence) you’ll understand it by the time you’ve mastered what ever your learning. And alot of times the military teaches you a way to do this in such a short period of time its almost unnatural how quickly you pick up on things. Now in the civilian world, thats not always the case. You may have Procedures, Policies and Rules, but often times you’ll have a supervisor who doesn’t quiet comprehend as to why you have them, or fully understand what they are or why you are doing them, or even know them all.

Not always the case, and you have that in the military to, but civilian situation its far more often. And when a new employee comes in 1. confident. capable and straight off the green machine. 2. learns things twice as fast then what the supervisor can/does. That becomes dangerous.

Again you don’t always have these situations but its far more common then people think. Military folks can be either the best employee you ever have or your worst nightmare no matter the situation.

And its just as bad for the Military member trying to translate into the civilian world. Lets look at the Humor aspect.

Good lord how true is the statement in the video “no one gets my humor!” Far to often I’ve found this even in my case. I don’t tell jokes in public. What the guys and gals in the barracks would find funny would likely have civilian friends looking at me like I’m more insane then they already think I am.

And its not that military folks are mentally ill, or disturb, or insane or insert any other negative description. Alot of their humor isn’t “Dark” by nature. Its just personal. its intimate to them. Civilians have this often to but I’ve found military it goes beyond just the “acquaintance or friendship” aspect. Humor to the military is a life saver, and a sanity check in a lot of ways. Its a way to share a situation that in all rights is horrible no matter how you look at it, but turns it into one of the most hilarious situations you’ve seen and its shared with those who experienced it. Alot of times it is dirty, or raunchy or just plain weird. But its always shared with those who sat in that situation with you.

Or its military technical. I have no idea how many times I’ve told some one to go get me an I D 10 T form, or a S T One. Because they were literally acting like an Idiot or a rock, and had them look at me to the point I grew more frustrated with myself for them not getting it. And that’s the final thing on humor. its not dehumanizing, or demeaning or demoralizing.

To have been told to go get blinker fluid for a humvee in your unit, yeah you were being picked on but in many ways it was a “Welcome home”. If you didn’t get told to go find a box of grid squares, they honestly and truly probably didn’t like you.

Now civilian life is just as hard, don’t get me wrong, but there are some seriously tough challenges for folks transitioning out of the Military into the Civilian world. The Civilian world is big bad and scary, its got its own rules of engagement and you can’t over come challenges in the civilian world by pting it to death, or knife handing it, or screaming at it, or shooting it, or blowing it up.

In the Civilian world if you make a mistake, typically some one doesn’t die or get hurt. And that leads to my final thoughts on transition into the civilian world.

For alot of Military folks who transition over, they are often told that they don’t take the civilian world serious enough. And its not that they don’t want to, they just see everything differently.

For many military folks, their daily life for years on end was literally NOT dieing. Going day to day avoiding incoming fire, and out going very shitty chow at a contracted chow hall. If they had a duty to write up a memo, that memo was perfect down to the last period on the last sentence. Every bit of attention to detail applied to it or it was turned back and done over again and again and again. Why would that matter? Because of the aspect of Attention to Detail.

You are out on patrol and you don’t pick up that slight glint of light off a coppery piece of wire strung across the road. Some one dies. Attention to detail!

And in the civilian world many places just don’t do that level of attention to detail. So alot of Military folks hear “You are to serious! lighten up!” or “You are to stiff.. calm down man its not a war zone here.” And if they do they some times are able to blend in effectively and work, but often it goes the direct opposite, they relax so much that it ultimately impacts their performance at the job. The happy medium is often very difficult for military folks in the civilian world.

But that’s what needs to be found. That Happy Medium. and frankly I don’t know if the damn thing exists.

So for all you Military folks out there, realize the transition can happen and it is doable, takes a good bit of work EVERY day, but you have over come worse.

And you Civilian folks out there realize military folks are not all stick in the mud hard ass, bullies out to take your jobs your significant others and drink all your whiskey. And occasionally they may need a hand in understanding your world, just as you may need a hand understanding the world they came from.

Its a small world after all. And we all live in it. (Unless your a mole man.. then you live un.. dammit nope you still live in it. carry on.)

Howdy and Semper Fi.





Fight or Flight?

Alright so lets get this out in the open right now. Almost every Alpha type is going to immediately say Fight fight fight!

So why am I talking about this? Well an interesting question was presented on a facebook page I follow.

The Survival Mom, great page with some pretty good questions and down to earth information.

Now right after the terrorist attack in London, she posted a question.

“OK, so this just happened and, coincidentally, brings up a topic I’ve been wondering about. LMK your 2 cents.

In a sudden and violent scenario, do you think your very first instincts are the right ones? In this case, there’s an explosion, screaming, chaos — do you follow that first instinct or dismiss it as not reliable, and take time to make another decision, when that indecision/delay could make matters worse?”

Now before I post my response, I want you to think about this question a moment. First Instinct. Do you follow it or do you not?

My response:

“Human nature is to resort to the fight or flight mentality. people tend to fall back on preservation of life in most cases. You have those individuals whom go against that grain and look to the preservation of other lives, most cases those individuals have been trained to do that. On some rare occasions its just a natural instinct. People following their natural instinct rarely are wrong in doing such. Your mind will respond quicker to situations and scenarios naturally then most people realize. Often times its when you do stop and think you over analyze a situation and often times second guess yourself. In disasters or stressful situations second guessing leads to harm or danger. Others have commented about people revert back to their training, and often times yes they will, but only if it has become second nature, the key word there is nature. If its something that you naturally feel yourself doing it has now become instinctual to react in that fashion. Second Nature behavior often takes many years of repetitive training and conditioning to reach. Often times over riding your primary instinct, especially for many people whoms natural instinct in a situation such as noted here is to hide or run. Neither of which are wrong. Best course of action in any situation is identify the threat/danger immediately and follow the most instinctual course of action your mind/body tells you. In most cases if something feels extremely hot, you aren’t going to touch it and move away from it.”

What do you think?

Moonshine Bandits – Pass the Ammo

Yep. the Hooba Dooba is still broke.

Well hello there. Seems to have been some time since I sat down and even thought about this little space of the virtual world.

Sorry. Life and such, and alot of the eloquence of the written word for me just got lost in all the noise of said life and happenings in the world.

I wish I could say I went on some grand adventure, well for me it was alot of adventure, alot of changes in the world have affected changes in me. But over all wasn’t much in the adventuring way.

I did have a revelation though. I have thoughts. Shocker. And sometimes those thoughts are pretty strong and opinionated, and most the time I don’t share them, nor attempt to voice them.

I have essentially been muzzling myself in my thoughts and I realized today after a comment was made to me how much I don’t deserve that. See its not so much about the world hearing my thoughts and or even carrying about my thoughts, but more about me caring enough to share those thoughts.

So what was this comment you ask? well it was actually in an email. See I do alot of well I used to do alot of Airsofting, I occasionally get out now as much as I can. And with that I used to do alot of Podcasts on using Airsoft to help with your every day real world training, teaching how to translate alot of the murky waters of the world of military training in a simple applicable way for airsofters to not only keep them engaged, but up their game and bring a bit more honor to a very honor based game.

But see.. I started to get a bit disheartened. I took a break on the podcast for about a year, alot had to do with life, but alot had to do with what I was watching take place in the world of Airsoft. Attacks from politicians, attacks from other players, change and shift in the mentality of the players themselves. It just became a place were I did not feel my assistance was needed nor wanted.

Now I’m not writing this for a pity party. I do what I do alot of times because of my love for it. And teaching is a love of mine. Especially topics I truly enjoy. But I just had to step back. Sometimes you have to.

So I stepped back. At least from the podcast. And thats when things started happening. I started getting emails, I started getting messages on the facebook page for the podcast. And I started noticing something and it was interesting, and very different for me.

“Lex. I just wanted to say thank you for the podcast, it has helped me so much in airsoft and just in life in general.”

And I was thankful and a little taken aback. For those of you who personally know me. I don’t do compliments very well. You want to see the big bearded dude blush. Compliment me, its something even my boss hasnt quiet figured out about me how I duck my head when he tells me I’ve done a good job on a particular thing. I just don’t do compliments.

I’ll hand them out three fold when you’ve earned them. Don’t get me wrong. I just have a hard time accepting them in return.

So I kept responding to the emails as I was able, kept getting these comments back, and folks I’ll be honest. I was shocked. How could a podcast about learning how to buddy rush in airsoft impact some one on a personal level? Frankly I’m still confused I don’t really know.

So I asked. And the answer in response was more flooring then I ever expected to receive.

It wasnt the content. It was how it was being presented. I was speaking to them personally. Taking time out of my day to present them with information that often times people want to learn but can’t find, or have no one to teach them or those who could teach refuse to because its beneath them to teach a kid, or a “airsofter” or a “paintballer”.

I was told, that I made it fun, understandable, and approachable. I didn’t talk down to people.

And as I sat there and read this, at work, I was sort of shocked. See if you’ve read my previous posts you may have caught on I’m in a very unique job. I get the ultimate honor and opportunity to be a teacher on MANY different subjects. And I utterly LOVE it.

And I hate it.

You see I don’t hate it because of what I do, or who I do it with, or who I teach, or spend time with, or even the work itself as frustrating as it can be at times. I mean who doesn’t get frustrated at there job on occasion?

No I hate it because I can’t impact more people. I hate it because I often times see the very things I am being praised for being done to others by a “Supervisor” and not much can be done about it.

Talked down to, insulted, treated as if they are idiots. Often times after a whole show of being the polite individual, “yes of course” “Right away”.

Then that switch kicks and they leave.. and its Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He’s a real piece of work.

But that’s not what I’m writing this for, to talk about that. That mess I’ve dealt with for Seven years now, maybe we’ll talk about that later. No I want to go back to impacting people on a personal level. No matter what you are talking about.

See I never realized just how powerful passion can be. I mean I knew passion was a very driving force. People have done AMAZING things in regards to Passion. Be it for another person, a believe. What ever the passion is it has moved worlds.

And I was sitting there after I read this and asked myself, what am I passionate about? And I realized.. I’m passionate about ALOT of things. Airsoft and teaching is just one of those things, One that I seem to be more involved in then most.

Alot again goes back to my job. It allows me to blend those passions. And its a humbling experience to realize that just talking about a three to five second buddy rush can be impactful to a person. Then you want a real mind blower.

Be told some one listens to your podcast just for the soul purpose to hear your stories about life events in a game.

So as I was driving home tonight, I decided to dust off this old blog and splash some words on the keyboard. And if folks read it great, and if the don’t I’m going back to my statement I told a young lady who was in a very similar situation about writing a blog “Write for your self and if people read it and enjoy it great. And if they don’t does it really matter?”.

So the Hooba Dooba is still broken, I doubt we’ll ever figure out how to fix that damn thing,(Yep see I new I’d get a curse word in there some place), and I’m not sure how often I’ll actually sure when I’ll put the proverbial paper to pen and put something on here, (hopefully more often then three years at a stretch).

You all can help with that to, Ask me questions, doesn’t matter how ridiculous or serious. I’ve come to find in recent months I typically like learning new things and if I don’t know I’ll educate myself and then I’ll have an opinion on the matter and I’ll share it. (me having opinions is an interesting concept..)

With that, I’m going to wrap this up, I’ve got some emails to respond to. So I want to leave you with this thought.

Sparkling water tastes like the south end of a north bound mule.

Be humble, be honorable and learn something new every day.

And Dance even if mentally. Life’s to short not to.

A little music to dance to




Technology and training.

So ladies and gents I’ve been a tad slow in posting here. So I’ll try to fix that. Specially now with my new kindle fire hd. You want a good tablet I’d go this route. But that’s not what brings you here.


Let’s talk about rifle marksmanship training. Specifically virtual training. Now I know some of you are saying “virtual .. you mean like video game virtual? That isn’t training. That’s just playing. Video game!”

Well in some ways I’d agree. And so would the military specifically the Army in regards to actually qualifying. But here is some important key facts to virtual marksmanship trainers, specifically the EST 2000 (engagement skills trainer 2000).

DAPAM 350-38 states that virtual systems are authorized for qualification on only two tables of fire. The CBRN Course of fire and Night time Course of fire.

Now with budget cuts and such many units and commanders are looking for cheap effective training to maintain rifle and weapon handling. Especially as ammo allotments dry up for units.

In a way it is sad the EST and other virtual trainers cannot be used as an replacement for actual life fire qualification. But in all reality, and in this I firmly believe, it should not and cannot replace life fire qualification on any weapon systems.

Now saying this I will state and will hold firm on the fact virtual training systems can and will improve any marksmanship skills a shooter has. But (always with the buts) you need a good marksmanship coach who not only knows the live fire aspects of shooting but how to read and use the virtual systems as well.

Let’s look at a few of the pluses to the virtual systems.

– They are relatively cheap in the terms of training budgets

– Weapons function/feel just like liberalism with a 75% recoil.

– An experienced operator of the virtual systems can program in a small amount of time almost any range/engagement situation.

– Most virtual training systems such as an EST 2000 have a multitude of previously scenarios ranging from force on force to zero/qualification to shoot don’t shoot as well as quick response drills.

– You can diagnose a check of a lot on a WAY when it comes to bad shooting habits using its built in weapon and system sensors.

– A good marksmanship coach will become a better coach through utilization of these systems and working with shooters on them.

– You have to use Iron sites.

– You can engage targets out to a virtual 700 meters.

And these are just a few of the many bonuses from using a system like this. But they do have their cons. Such as

– They are not live fire.

– it’s a 3d weapon system shooting on a 2d flat simulated surface. So basically simulated distance is hard to judge for long rang engagement

– Because of the above optics don’t work on virtual systems (yet).

– If you are not military or associated with the military moat likely will not have access to a system like a EST 2000.

– Let’s not talk about the initial purchase cost, weapons purchase, software purchase, and maintenance.

– Trained and experienced operators/marksmanship coach’s aren’t a huge commodity.

Even these listed cons still do not out way using an EST 2000 or any available virtual training system for weapons/course of fire familiriaztion and your crawl/walk phase of training for marksmanship.

It’s actually recommends by the DA PAM 350-38.

I’ve used many virtual training systems for marksmanship training and highly recommend them. Just remember they supplement training but do not nor can replace life fire.

So with that, Howdy, Semper Fi, and have a wonderful freakimg day.



The People of these United States, I have a question. At what time did we as a People give up our liberties our freedoms to those who are in government? I can answer this.

WE DIDN’T! And now you ask “Then why did you ask this?” Because. It is an assumed authority of the Appointed officials of these United States, that they as a whole have the ability to tell me. A Free Man, born of these United States, who has Served, Fought, and bleed for these United States, what I can and cannot do with my freedoms appointed to me by my ForeFathers.

An assumed Authority of which they assume because they have become the voices, of which I use this term lightly, us, The People of these United States, they can tell me what is good or bad for me. Regulating and banning.

Yes I speak directly of what weapon I am allowed to own, down to what type of food my children are allowed to eat at school. Let me ask you this again, how is it they ASSUME they have the right to do such a thing? Is it because of a Vote? They where voted in to do such? If that is the case, does not it state, that WE who voted them in are the ones of whom THEY should be listening to?

We are their interests, their causes, their PURPOSE in service?

I watched a child once at play, he sat on the side of a dirt road with two rocks in his hands, he pushed one into the other and the rocks would click, but not move, he did this all day, pushing one into the other, trying to make the other rock move. In doing so he became frustrated, his frustration grew and he eventually threw the rock that would not move into the ditch. He then searched and found another rock, this one rounder then the last. It fit his purpose, his need and he played with it. This rock rolled when he pushed his other rock into it. Over time he learned to guide this rock, by hitting it in certain locations, at the end he gathered up his rock and smiled, after he’d driven that round rock in a complete circle. It served his purpose, his will, and he guided it.

The Government, these people who have appointed are not here to guide us. We are here to guide them. We are the un-movable rock, they are the round edged rock. They should go to our will, they should move to our direction, or needs, not theirs.

No man upon this earth knows better then I what is good for myself. No man knows what my family needs then I. No man dictates, nor demands I disarm myself, when it is this defense that is for my family. No man tells my children they cannot eat when they are hungry, and enjoy what they eat.

But these .. people, these Appointed officials, Appointed by the People of this nation, are doing just that. Telling us what we can and cannot do. We did not appoint them to assume they have this right, this power over us, WE are the Voices of this nation not them. It is not assumed it is a Right. They are our tools, tools that are becoming blunt and broken. Tools that need reforged.

I did not give them the Right to make choices with out my voice, and I have used my voice, I shall use my voice and continue to use my voice. Now you must all as well. Until our voices are louder then theirs. Our Actions are stronger then theirs.

My life is my own, I work, I live, I love. I take care of my family. They take care of me. They know what I need and I know what they need. I keep them safe and they keep me safe. We do this together, as we must now Speak together as Citizens of these United States. Stop this insanity, where people, who are out of touch with reality state they know “whats best” for us. When they themselves are uneducated. They themselves have never done, never held, never tried, nor ever trained. State to them, raise your voice and demand they learn, they look and they stop hiding behind their assumed authority.

It isn’t theirs, its ours. Speak up, speak out. Be Heard. Stop Hiding. We are the People of these United States, We are its Authority, We are its Power. We know whats best for us and this nation. Its time they started listening to us.

2nd Amendment and You.

Been a while folks, for that I apologize, been busy working and training, prepping for our first Fire arms Basic Pistol course on Feb 16th looks to be a great time learning and shooting. But some things have me worried..

Recently, my middle daughter who loves to read, came home with a book. It was a berenstain bears titled “NO guns allowed.” I looked at this book and it troubled me. So I read it.

I read the whole thing. This book I’ve never seen in my life, and I grew up reading berenstain bears. This book. Meant for children painted guns and gun owners as crazy and evil. Going so far as to have a man in it, crying out that they can’t take his firearms because he needs them to fight aliens.

I’ve never ever kept my children from reading any books they wanted to read. I’m a very open minded individual. I didn’t let them read this book.

Why you ask? Well recently.. I had a little discussion with my oldest daughter. She loves shooting, is constantly asking me to take her shooting and sadly I don’t get the chance to take her as much as I would like. She asked me one day after school if guns/firearms where bad. I explained to her that they where not bad, and had her recite from memory the four fire arms safety rules I require all my children to know by heart, along with the Pledge of Allegiance and recite ANY time we go shooting before they pick up a weapon. To include their BB guns. She did. It makes me proud to know she is a safe shooter.

Now.. that isn’t really the root of the problem. In the past few weeks, I’ve seen and heard somethings that truly trouble me. I own fire arms. My wife has shot them. My children have shot them. I use them in my work, I use them in my hobbies. They’ve never damaged or hurt any one. They are cold inanimate objects made of metal and plastic. They get hot after a few rounds, but that’s normal. I’ve taught my children right from wrong, and that its not the tool, but what is done with that tool.

But apparently me owning and using these objects makes me a nazi. Being a member of the NRA makes me a nazi. It makes me a bad person. A bad father, a bad husband, a bad American.

To date, I’ve dedicated my life, to this country. First in Service as a United States Marine, then as a Town Police Officer, from there I worked with troubled youth in the Youth Challenge Program, and now, I train our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines to defend our country, I train Americans in fire arms marksmanship and safety. I’ve bled, I’ve cried, I’ve gone days weeks months with out proper sleep. I at times can hardly walk because of the pain in my knees. I sometimes cannot lift my own children to hug them due to the pain in my shoulders. I’ve missed birthday’s, anniversaries, and holidays. Pain I earned defending this country, defending its people. Americans.

And I read the paper, every morning actually, couple dozen different ones, and I see stories. Because I stand and defend and will continue to defend the Constitution of These United States. Specifically the 2nd Amendment, that I am a nazi. And I sit here and think.. I wonder, what am I going to tell my oldest daughter when she hears this.

She never was able to meet her grandfather from my wife’s family. He served in WWII, He could cook like a god, and he could drink like one to. His uniform hangs our wall from WWII. The man fought nazi germany. My daughter knows this. What is she going to say, when she hears her father is being called a nazi because he owns fire arms and believes in the right in owning and maintaining these fire arms?

She understands the evil that happened with these “individuals” of the nazi party. I’ve not shown her the pictures from the National Holocaust Museum yet, but she knows her history. She knows these people were evil and wrong.

So I’ve come to a brick wall.. What do I tell my 10 year old daughter, when she asks if she is a nazi. Because she believes in the right to own a fire arm. Wants to own a fire arm and loves to shoot?

Maybe I should ask the President of These United States that. or Maybe the papers writing their articles.

Because right now.. all I can do is hug her, tell her she is anything but. That it is our Right to bear and own arms as an American, and take my Daughter out shooting.

Semper Fidelis.

These United States

So I’ve been watching, thinking about and reading up on the whole issue of the States wanting to secede from the Union. I’ve come to a determination within myself. The Union is not the problem. The United States is not the problem,

WE are not the problem. But we are not providing the solution either. Corruption, wrong attitudes, wanting and not giving back in return, Allowing those who do not live our lives day to day, to dictate to us how we SHOULD live our lives, demanding things rather then working for them, are the problem.

I’ve spent alot of time thinking on this. Watched the petitions online. One set of petitions sickens me. Americans demanding that Americans be deported because they are enacting their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT. That is just piss poor uneducated idiotic behavior in my eyes. On the other hand, I can’t honestly state I want my state or any state to step out of this Union, These United States.

Its not the united states people. Its The United States. The problem in my eyes is The People of The United States refuse to step up and speak their mind. They expect others to do it for them. They have become lazy, complacent. No one is going to fix anything for you if you yourself are not willing to do it yourself.

Leaving the Union, will not fix The United States Problems. Speaking your mind to your representatives, being EDUCATED when you do such, FORCING the people YOU, WE appointed to REPRESENT US, who we appointed to WORK FOR US, to Do their DAMN jobs.

For the People Of the People. Mr. President, Congress and Senate members, I am not a political man. I hate Politics, I equate it to mudslinging and potlicking in the highest Order. But I am putting you on notice.

I have to work every day to earn the paycheck (small as it may be), that takes care of my family. I have to manage my family budget, make sure my children are cared for, and I am there for them. I fail to do that, I lose my job, my family. YOU are failing me in your responsibility in making sure my interest in MY UNITED STATES is being taken care of. I did not vote for Mr. Barrack Obama. But as it has been voiced and found that he is to be President for the next four years, HE WILL work for it, as he Works for me. I am HIS boss. WE ARE HIS BOSS.

I will be firm, but fair, My goals for him will be exact and achievable. And my first goal for the President of the United States is to pull his head out of the goddamned money bins, Start working FOR the people. Not for the money.

I am a warrior, I come from a warrior culture, I have fought, I have bleed, and I have earned everything I’ve ever set out to earn, and I’ve done it through hard work, blood, lose and gain. I will not sit idle and watch a country These United States fall into disrepair over The failure of MY EMPLOYEES. YOU CONGRESS, SENATE AND THE PRESIDENT OF THESE UNITED STATES WORK FOR ME. Start doing your damn job.
Because if you fail to do your Job, You will lose your job, and some one who will do your job will be put in your place. That is how it works in the real world. Your job is not guaranteed. You work for me, I am a Citizen of These United States, Your interest is MY interest, not your own, not a foreign country, not money. Understood? Carry On.

(I apologize, I don’t usually rant, but when I do its a doozy. As always this is my Opinion and if its not your Opinion as a Citizen of These United States, Fix yourself. Doesnt matter a lick who you voted for. The work for all of us. Its about damn time they started upholding their end of the Deal. )