Fight or Flight?

Alright so lets get this out in the open right now. Almost every Alpha type is going to immediately say Fight fight fight!

So why am I talking about this? Well an interesting question was presented on a facebook page I follow.

The Survival Mom, great page with some pretty good questions and down to earth information.

Now right after the terrorist attack in London, she posted a question.

“OK, so this just happened and, coincidentally, brings up a topic I’ve been wondering about. LMK your 2 cents.

In a sudden and violent scenario, do you think your very first instincts are the right ones? In this case, there’s an explosion, screaming, chaos — do you follow that first instinct or dismiss it as not reliable, and take time to make another decision, when that indecision/delay could make matters worse?”

Now before I post my response, I want you to think about this question a moment. First Instinct. Do you follow it or do you not?

My response:

“Human nature is to resort to the fight or flight mentality. people tend to fall back on preservation of life in most cases. You have those individuals whom go against that grain and look to the preservation of other lives, most cases those individuals have been trained to do that. On some rare occasions its just a natural instinct. People following their natural instinct rarely are wrong in doing such. Your mind will respond quicker to situations and scenarios naturally then most people realize. Often times its when you do stop and think you over analyze a situation and often times second guess yourself. In disasters or stressful situations second guessing leads to harm or danger. Others have commented about people revert back to their training, and often times yes they will, but only if it has become second nature, the key word there is nature. If its something that you naturally feel yourself doing it has now become instinctual to react in that fashion. Second Nature behavior often takes many years of repetitive training and conditioning to reach. Often times over riding your primary instinct, especially for many people whoms natural instinct in a situation such as noted here is to hide or run. Neither of which are wrong. Best course of action in any situation is identify the threat/danger immediately and follow the most instinctual course of action your mind/body tells you. In most cases if something feels extremely hot, you aren’t going to touch it and move away from it.”

What do you think?

Moonshine Bandits – Pass the Ammo


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