Technology and training.

So ladies and gents I’ve been a tad slow in posting here. So I’ll try to fix that. Specially now with my new kindle fire hd. You want a good tablet I’d go this route. But that’s not what brings you here.


Let’s talk about rifle marksmanship training. Specifically virtual training. Now I know some of you are saying “virtual .. you mean like video game virtual? That isn’t training. That’s just playing. Video game!”

Well in some ways I’d agree. And so would the military specifically the Army in regards to actually qualifying. But here is some important key facts to virtual marksmanship trainers, specifically the EST 2000 (engagement skills trainer 2000).

DAPAM 350-38 states that virtual systems are authorized for qualification on only two tables of fire. The CBRN Course of fire and Night time Course of fire.

Now with budget cuts and such many units and commanders are looking for cheap effective training to maintain rifle and weapon handling. Especially as ammo allotments dry up for units.

In a way it is sad the EST and other virtual trainers cannot be used as an replacement for actual life fire qualification. But in all reality, and in this I firmly believe, it should not and cannot replace life fire qualification on any weapon systems.

Now saying this I will state and will hold firm on the fact virtual training systems can and will improve any marksmanship skills a shooter has. But (always with the buts) you need a good marksmanship coach who not only knows the live fire aspects of shooting but how to read and use the virtual systems as well.

Let’s look at a few of the pluses to the virtual systems.

– They are relatively cheap in the terms of training budgets

– Weapons function/feel just like liberalism with a 75% recoil.

– An experienced operator of the virtual systems can program in a small amount of time almost any range/engagement situation.

– Most virtual training systems such as an EST 2000 have a multitude of previously scenarios ranging from force on force to zero/qualification to shoot don’t shoot as well as quick response drills.

– You can diagnose a check of a lot on a WAY when it comes to bad shooting habits using its built in weapon and system sensors.

– A good marksmanship coach will become a better coach through utilization of these systems and working with shooters on them.

– You have to use Iron sites.

– You can engage targets out to a virtual 700 meters.

And these are just a few of the many bonuses from using a system like this. But they do have their cons. Such as

– They are not live fire.

– it’s a 3d weapon system shooting on a 2d flat simulated surface. So basically simulated distance is hard to judge for long rang engagement

– Because of the above optics don’t work on virtual systems (yet).

– If you are not military or associated with the military moat likely will not have access to a system like a EST 2000.

– Let’s not talk about the initial purchase cost, weapons purchase, software purchase, and maintenance.

– Trained and experienced operators/marksmanship coach’s aren’t a huge commodity.

Even these listed cons still do not out way using an EST 2000 or any available virtual training system for weapons/course of fire familiriaztion and your crawl/walk phase of training for marksmanship.

It’s actually recommends by the DA PAM 350-38.

I’ve used many virtual training systems for marksmanship training and highly recommend them. Just remember they supplement training but do not nor can replace life fire.

So with that, Howdy, Semper Fi, and have a wonderful freakimg day.




The People of these United States, I have a question. At what time did we as a People give up our liberties our freedoms to those who are in government? I can answer this.

WE DIDN’T! And now you ask “Then why did you ask this?” Because. It is an assumed authority of the Appointed officials of these United States, that they as a whole have the ability to tell me. A Free Man, born of these United States, who has Served, Fought, and bleed for these United States, what I can and cannot do with my freedoms appointed to me by my ForeFathers.

An assumed Authority of which they assume because they have become the voices, of which I use this term lightly, us, The People of these United States, they can tell me what is good or bad for me. Regulating and banning.

Yes I speak directly of what weapon I am allowed to own, down to what type of food my children are allowed to eat at school. Let me ask you this again, how is it they ASSUME they have the right to do such a thing? Is it because of a Vote? They where voted in to do such? If that is the case, does not it state, that WE who voted them in are the ones of whom THEY should be listening to?

We are their interests, their causes, their PURPOSE in service?

I watched a child once at play, he sat on the side of a dirt road with two rocks in his hands, he pushed one into the other and the rocks would click, but not move, he did this all day, pushing one into the other, trying to make the other rock move. In doing so he became frustrated, his frustration grew and he eventually threw the rock that would not move into the ditch. He then searched and found another rock, this one rounder then the last. It fit his purpose, his need and he played with it. This rock rolled when he pushed his other rock into it. Over time he learned to guide this rock, by hitting it in certain locations, at the end he gathered up his rock and smiled, after he’d driven that round rock in a complete circle. It served his purpose, his will, and he guided it.

The Government, these people who have appointed are not here to guide us. We are here to guide them. We are the un-movable rock, they are the round edged rock. They should go to our will, they should move to our direction, or needs, not theirs.

No man upon this earth knows better then I what is good for myself. No man knows what my family needs then I. No man dictates, nor demands I disarm myself, when it is this defense that is for my family. No man tells my children they cannot eat when they are hungry, and enjoy what they eat.

But these .. people, these Appointed officials, Appointed by the People of this nation, are doing just that. Telling us what we can and cannot do. We did not appoint them to assume they have this right, this power over us, WE are the Voices of this nation not them. It is not assumed it is a Right. They are our tools, tools that are becoming blunt and broken. Tools that need reforged.

I did not give them the Right to make choices with out my voice, and I have used my voice, I shall use my voice and continue to use my voice. Now you must all as well. Until our voices are louder then theirs. Our Actions are stronger then theirs.

My life is my own, I work, I live, I love. I take care of my family. They take care of me. They know what I need and I know what they need. I keep them safe and they keep me safe. We do this together, as we must now Speak together as Citizens of these United States. Stop this insanity, where people, who are out of touch with reality state they know “whats best” for us. When they themselves are uneducated. They themselves have never done, never held, never tried, nor ever trained. State to them, raise your voice and demand they learn, they look and they stop hiding behind their assumed authority.

It isn’t theirs, its ours. Speak up, speak out. Be Heard. Stop Hiding. We are the People of these United States, We are its Authority, We are its Power. We know whats best for us and this nation. Its time they started listening to us.