These United States

So I’ve been watching, thinking about and reading up on the whole issue of the States wanting to secede from the Union. I’ve come to a determination within myself. The Union is not the problem. The United States is not the problem,

WE are not the problem. But we are not providing the solution either. Corruption, wrong attitudes, wanting and not giving back in return, Allowing those who do not live our lives day to day, to dictate to us how we SHOULD live our lives, demanding things rather then working for them, are the problem.

I’ve spent alot of time thinking on this. Watched the petitions online. One set of petitions sickens me. Americans demanding that Americans be deported because they are enacting their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT. That is just piss poor uneducated idiotic behavior in my eyes. On the other hand, I can’t honestly state I want my state or any state to step out of this Union, These United States.

Its not the united states people. Its The United States. The problem in my eyes is The People of The United States refuse to step up and speak their mind. They expect others to do it for them. They have become lazy, complacent. No one is going to fix anything for you if you yourself are not willing to do it yourself.

Leaving the Union, will not fix The United States Problems. Speaking your mind to your representatives, being EDUCATED when you do such, FORCING the people YOU, WE appointed to REPRESENT US, who we appointed to WORK FOR US, to Do their DAMN jobs.

For the People Of the People. Mr. President, Congress and Senate members, I am not a political man. I hate Politics, I equate it to mudslinging and potlicking in the highest Order. But I am putting you on notice.

I have to work every day to earn the paycheck (small as it may be), that takes care of my family. I have to manage my family budget, make sure my children are cared for, and I am there for them. I fail to do that, I lose my job, my family. YOU are failing me in your responsibility in making sure my interest in MY UNITED STATES is being taken care of. I did not vote for Mr. Barrack Obama. But as it has been voiced and found that he is to be President for the next four years, HE WILL work for it, as he Works for me. I am HIS boss. WE ARE HIS BOSS.

I will be firm, but fair, My goals for him will be exact and achievable. And my first goal for the President of the United States is to pull his head out of the goddamned money bins, Start working FOR the people. Not for the money.

I am a warrior, I come from a warrior culture, I have fought, I have bleed, and I have earned everything I’ve ever set out to earn, and I’ve done it through hard work, blood, lose and gain. I will not sit idle and watch a country These United States fall into disrepair over The failure of MY EMPLOYEES. YOU CONGRESS, SENATE AND THE PRESIDENT OF THESE UNITED STATES WORK FOR ME. Start doing your damn job.
Because if you fail to do your Job, You will lose your job, and some one who will do your job will be put in your place. That is how it works in the real world. Your job is not guaranteed. You work for me, I am a Citizen of These United States, Your interest is MY interest, not your own, not a foreign country, not money. Understood? Carry On.

(I apologize, I don’t usually rant, but when I do its a doozy. As always this is my Opinion and if its not your Opinion as a Citizen of These United States, Fix yourself. Doesnt matter a lick who you voted for. The work for all of us. Its about damn time they started upholding their end of the Deal. )


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