Period of Instruction: Maintaining a high level of alert readiness.

Good Afternoon, For those of you who don’t know me I’m Art, For those of you who do, I’m still Art, Yep I checked, I’m still Art. Today’s Period of Instruction.

“Maintain a high level of alert readiness. Never stop observing your surroundings and be aware of everything that takes place within your field of sight and every noise you can hear.”

The question is how do you do this with out over taxing your senses and becoming overly paranoid? And yes being over observant can happen and cause stress to your system.

A few suggested ways are as follows.

1. Kim’s Games (Keep in Memory) – a simple game you can play, best done in a group. One person picks a group of objects, from 10 to 20 total, and places them inside a cardboard box. From this point you can conduct the Kim’s games in three different styles.
A. The Students receive a period of time, typically 1 Minute to look at the objects in the box, then they return to their seat and write down the objects. But they do not write them by name, I.E. If you have a paperclip in the box they would write a “silver wire bent into three loops”. The Purpose of writing the description rather then the name is you cannot always positively identify an object or know what it is in the field so describing it is better.
B. The students are given five minutes to examine the objects then move off to conduct other training. At the end of that training or the training day the students sit down and write down the descriptions of the objects they can remember from the box.
C. The students are given five minutes then move off to another location to conduct training. At the end of that Training they return to the box and find it empty. All the objects that where in the box are placed in a field in front of them ranging from 10 to 50 meters away. They must identify and locate each object.

Kim’s Games work on your connotative abilities to identify and remember details and greatly enhance your metal abilities to maintain a high level of alertness.

But what about your listening skills? Have you ever sat in one spot and just listened, then tried to identify the sounds you are hearing? You can do this in any location, a busy mall, a park, an open field etc. Take the time to sit and just listen. Then try to identify the sounds you are hearing. work at listening to one specific sound or voice. Work at listening rather then seeing. I.E. Don’t look at the area the sound is coming from but listen to the area its coming from.

The biggest thing to having a high level of alertness is simply SLOW DOWN. Today’s society is so bent on speed. Faster, Bigger, Better. Often times we miss so much by hurrying through things.

Slow Down. Take the time to observe, to listen. Not only See, but Identify what your seeing. Identify what your hearing.

Questions? If there are no Questions I have one for you.

Have you sat in your own home, with no electrical objects on that create sound and can you identify every sound that happens inside your home? No? Then your assignment is to sit for at least 30 minutes in your silent home (If possible) and identify as many sounds as you can within your home.

Then post about just what you heard or realized in that time about your own home and your awareness.

So with that Howdy, Semper Fi and have a wonderful Freaking day.


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