October. Shoots and Spooks.

I never really realized just how much I truly enjoy this month. October, fall kicks in, temps drop, leaves change, and well my favorite holiday of the year is at the end of the month. 


And for some reason never fails I always end up shooting more in October. An outfreaking standing thing. 

So I was able to take out my AR, my Mosin, and my pistol and put some rounds through them. And I tell you this, I needed it. Just straight up shooting. No need to impress, no need to qualify or explain, or teach. Just shoot. Sometimes its what you need. 

I’d also forgotten just how much of a Mule Kicker my Mosin is. Woooo boy I tell you what. That 7.62x54r round is an ass kicker of the highest order. Introduced alot of the guys at work to the Mosin and this round and every one of them walked away with huge grins and sore shoulders. And I would not be surprised if almost all of them don’t pick up a Mosin of their own. 

Also I’m scarily impressed with a NCSTAR 4×32 M16 Handle mount scope I picked up ages ago for ten bucks on the internet. I’d totally forgotten it in my range bag, found it slapped it on my AR and banged out a few rounds Standing. 

Freaking impressive groups. even though it was six inches low. Adjusted and was banging rounds into the head of the target at 25 meters with no problem. Cheap NCSTAR Scope banged around in a range bag going on seven years. Zeroed and banging away in fifteen minutes. In the famous of all grunts all over the world. “ME LIKE!” 

Also tried out some Tula ammo I picked up on the cheap. My AR Chewed it up and spit it out with out a single jam or misfire or misfeed. Not bad stuff, and it was pretty accurate to boot. 


So over all a good time at the range. Of course my Beretta ran flawless, though I did realize that my front Tritium sight is gone so I’ll eventually have to send my slide in to get it fixed or just forgo it and run it as it is. either way, she’s still banging out rounds just fine. 

So yet again October you’ve come and brightened my year. 


So with that Howdy, Semper Fi and have a wonderful Freaking day.


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