Reality Chapter 9

Walt had been a mechanic in his life. working on every make and model of car till the recent imports hit the market and he just had to much arthritis in his hands to work in the smaller tighter engines.

The Underground attached garage was worth the hassle of living literally in the slums of the city. Specially when the landlord gave him a whole fenced off section of the garage to store his cars. And he had some cars. Everything from an original Dodge Charger to of all things a Lime Green Gremlin sat in the fenced off section.  Walt walked towards the fenced off section towards the walk in gate, a touch pad had been installed by him and a camera system. As usual there where a few kids sitting around the fence looking in at the cars. Walt stepped into the fenced off area and opened the lock box on the back wall as Alex followed looking at the cars. His music still playing softly around him.

“Hey! you boys want to help me with something?”

The three local boys looked up immediately, usually Walt just told them to stop drooling on his fence. All three jumped up and walked tentatively towards the gate.

“I need you to do me a favor, I won’t be around to take care of these cars properly and they need driven once in a while. You boys can do that for me?”

All there stood there dumbfounded but at the same time not ones to turn down an offer like this simply nodded their heads.

“Good keys are here in the box. have fun. “

Walt picked up a set of keys out of the box and winked at Alex as he walked further into the fenced off section towards the darker corner.

“That will give them something to do for awhile.. Specially if its like the news is saying, end of the world and all. I won’t be able to use all these any more.”

Alex grunted as he walked a pace behind Walt, soft violin music flowed from his pocket as a song by Escala played.

Walt stepped up to a vehicle under a heavy green canvas tarp. He pulled the tarp on the corner and it started sliding off a camouflaged vehicle.

“M37.. Can’t get a better truck.”

Alex looked at the Dodge M37, it looked almost like a squat version of a Humvee, with a more boxy cab. This one had a few additions to it. The windows where newer ballistic looking glass, the body had been re-enforced. Run flat tires, the rear cargo area had a high side bed on it with ports that opened inwards.


“I’d been working on it for a while, just something to keep me busy.” Walt walked over to the drivers door and opened it sliding into the cab. He nodded for Alex to get in the passenger side. The Dash area had two mounts for weapons to be held in place. One set of clips already held a M14 rifle. Alex slide his Rifle off and slapped it into the holder pulling his shot gun free and sliding it into the window mounts behind his head. Tossing his pack onto the floor in front of the seat then sitting down in the passenger side.

They’d been driving for about an hour, the heavy front bumper being put to good use to push cars blocking roads out of the way. Alex had taken his phone out of his pocket and hooked it to the stereo that Walt had hooked up in the dash of the M37. He’d shown some actual surprise when Walt pulled a cable with a male plug and handed it to Alex.

“Might as well turn on that music of yours, always liked your style”

The cab was now filled with the soft sounds of Enya as they clipped a Mercedes parked half way up on the side walk. Strangely they’d ran into few people. Those they had seen had run away or hide. The outskirts of the city where not as badly hit as the inner portions it seemed as they cleared the roads. Walt actually gave a sigh of relief when they hit the highway heading west.

“Got a destination in mind?”

“Nope” Alex kept watch his head on a swivel looking left then right as they ran down the road at close to sixty miles an hour.

“How fast we going.”

“Roughly Sixty. I know.. M37’s aren’t supposed to go that fast. I did some rebuilding and modifying.” Walt responded back with a hint of pride in his voice.

Alex grunted softly and looked forward as the sky had started to grow dark the sun setting. In the distance a set of tail lights blinked.

“stop. “


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