Reality Chapter 10

Walt looked over at Alex but slowly brought the truck to a stop pulling it off the road and down into the embankment as he looked up at the blinking emergency lights of the vehicle. He then turned the radio down.

And the sun will set for you
The sun will set for you

And the shadow of the day
Will embrace the world in grey

And the sun will set for you

“Might be folks that need help.” Walt looked over as Alex opened the door on his side slowly, same time pulling his rifle from the gun rack hooked to the dash.


Alex stepped into the wanning light. Walt watched sitting in place. He had a feeling he should stay put till Alex called or signalled. He reached up and pulled the bolt down on the M14 and the metallic sound of the bolt slapping a round home in the chamber filled the cab of his truck.

Alex disappeared. Literally Walt had him one minute the next he was gone.

“That boy is just scary.”

Alex had crouched down and pulling a compact of camo paint from a side pocket in his BDU’s he quickly put three fingers into the paint and started applying it to his face. No pattern, nothing fancy. Just shadow the light sheen from his face. He grunted when satisfied and put the compact away. He looked back at the Dodge and nodded seeing Walt had killed the lights and was sitting in the vehicle watching.

A few steps took him further down the embankment, just to the edge was a small copse of tree’s but really nothing better as in the way of concealment so he stayed low in the ditch as he worked his way towards the vehicle.

They’d stopped almost a good 700 meters from the vehicle and Alex made his way towards it in a low crouch. His knees screamed at him. Muscles not used to this movement in a long while started to growl as well as he continued ignoring them.

Body doesn’t mind. Mind doesn’t matter.

In the back of his mind a song started on random.

Working nine to five
what a way to make living
Barely getting by
it’s all taking and no giving.
They just use your mind
and they never give you credit

Alex had covered the distance of relatively quickly for being in the position he was. He was glad the ditch had run the whole length He found himself sitting roughly about 100 meters away from the car as he bellied up to the edge of the road on the opposite side his rifle aimed as he scanned over its sights looking for movement. It didn’t take long to see something.

The rain had stopped, sun setting behind the vehicle in the distance figures where highlighted. A light wind had picked up making everything chilly blowing from the west as Alex lay their watching and listening. Bits and pieces of conversation drifted with the wind towards him as he watched and waited.

“You’re sure you saw headlights?”

“Yeah Dammit I saw them.”

A whimper.

“shuddup in there..”


3 responses to “Reality Chapter 10

  1. Very engaging! When I get a moment, I’ll stop back and read some more of these. Have you thought about putting them in a book? Are you already published? I’m no S. King, but I could help with that.

    • Really haven’t thought about putting them in a book as didn’t think there would be any interest, always a first time for everything though!

      • I’m surprised. Marine fiction is hot right now. It gets a nice # of hits on google every month (I use the adwords keywords tool for the books). be happy to look over or recommend a direction.

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