Taking the plunge.

I’ve always loved instructing/teaching in all its glorious forms. And I’ve done some strange forms of teaching in my short period of life. 

But lately I’ve found myself more and more missing teaching. At one point in time I said to myself. “Self, go to school get a teaching degree to teach school.” At which point there after I about fell out of my truck laughing at myself. I wouldn’t last five minutes in a Education system environment. Not because I don’t agree with how most systems are run. But because of how I was taught and how I teach others. 

I’ve respected every teacher I’ve ever known, good bad or indifferent, I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasnt for some excellent teachers, but honestly alot of how teachers teach these days in school systems just seems to canned and structured to only a “specific” style. Besides.. me and college? yeah.. let me take my boots off and you can pull the rest of my toe nails off. 


SO.. I sat down one evening and was talking to a friend online and they flat out asked. “Hey can you teach me how to become a better shooter?” I blinked a few times at the screen, cocked my head, stroked my Skunk beard, yes my chin fur looks like a skunk, no I didn’t dye it, its natural. Besides I’ve been told “chicks dig it.” 

And I said, well if I can take a private that shoots right handed but is left eye left hand dominate that can’t hit the broad side of a bar, work with them in a day and then see them fire expert on the range the next. I figure I can help you out. And.. after four hours we did just that, and thats when this nagging little idea was planted in my G2. 

“Art, you should instruct marksmanship. People would pay you to have them teach them in the way you taught me. I’ve never had some one break it down to where it was simple understandable and I didn’t feel pressured or intimidated.” 

Well that was almost three years ago. And that idea kept nagging at me. I’ve kept teaching marksmanship at work, sometimes teaching it one on one, sometimes to groups as large as 100. And every time I did, I loved it. I then started teaching CIED/HME and boy let me tell you that was the WORST possible thing for work to let me do. It was like handing a pyromanic a match and saying “Go forth and light the world on fire!” 

I LOVED IT. Still do. Any time I get to teach, So with that I started talking to a buddy of mine who Airsofts with me and works on post with me. We’d tossed the idea of starting a school for shooting and survival with emphasis on teaching the basics first. And not we aren’t doing it to make money. 

WHAT?! You don’t want to make money!? Nope. We don’t. All of us involved in this project have been taught either by law enforcement or military, certified through both as well and all of us have said the same thing. 

“Our Courses will range from 25 to 50 dollars. No more. People are already paying for ammo, gas, food, possibly lodging. People don’t need to pay an arm and a leg to get trained. ” 

We’ll cover range cost, incidentals, maybe a couple bucks for gas for instructors coming from a distance and the rest. Donated, either to the Local MWR, or Veteran/Military Charities. We will not be making money out of this. 

Yes, we’ve been accused of being insane. 

So with that in mind, Hopefully by the end of June early July we will be submitting the paper work for our LLC. and our first course, Basic Handgun, which will be a Ladies only course to start with, sometime in early August. 

With that, We need your help. We are looking for a unique name for our LLC. something either based off the Geography in South Eastern Wyoming, or historically for Wyoming itself. Unique and interesting but presents the understanding of our goal and mission. 

“Training, from the basics to the advanced, with your weapon, your ammo, and your comfort, and it wont kill your wallet.” 

So if you have an idea, drop it in a comment below, If we use your Name, or even part of it we’ll give you a free Course of your choosing. Of course you have to make your own way to the Course. I’d love to fly people or even come pick them up but again I’m just a poor working grunt. So if you have an idea for a name by all means throw it in a comment, I may even be able to send you a homemade .50 cal Bottle opener ontop of the free class. 

So with that Howdy, Semper Fi and have a wonderful Freaking day.


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