Some one explain this to me please.

I’ve been doing some reading/surfing of the net about something I’ve recently seen in a multitude of pictures from “Tactical Shooting” Courses. And every time I come across a picture like this I have a “WTF” moment. It doesn’t make sense to me.

Specifically the Extended Left arm holding the weapon at the very front of the muzzle, especially when you have a broom handle attached to the weapon.

Now the two pictures I’ve posted up are of Chris Costa. Outside of hearing his name mentioned a few times in conjunction to Magpul and Tactical Shooting, I’ll admit I very little about him or his methods of shooting other then I’ve seen it with other “tactical shooters” recently and it looks extremely uncomfortable and less stable then standard methods of engagement.

So I’m asking you the readers, who may have experience or knowledge in this. What the Fuck over.

The Position looks extremely uncomfortable, and extremely unstable. Does it give you engagement speed bonus? Whats the purpose, the reasoning, or rhyme as to it if any? Any one used it before?

I’m seeing this stance pop up all over the place in the tactical shooting scenes and circuits. So its either one of those “I’m doing it because some billy bad ass said it was good” or it actually works.

Interesting enough I’m not seeing it being used by our current Special Operations or The Grunts. So whats the skinny folks.

I also found this, reading Tactical Fanboy

Admittedly Extremely funny but it just brings further questions to light for me not knowing the deal with this stance.


So with that Howdy, Semper Fi and have a wonderful Freaking day.


3 responses to “Some one explain this to me please.

  1. You say it looks very unstabble. quite the opposite. Extending your forward arm like that and grabbing the front of the rail gives you more control as opposed to grabbing nearer to the Magazine (which gives you a very wobbly forend because of all the weight moving around up there). also, the foreward arm elbow is turned outward only allow the recoil to push in to your body, the arm acts as another form of recoil absorbant. if your elbow is pointed downward it allows for the rifle to kick back and wobble to the left. entending and rotating your elbow out allows for maximum control over the firearm. it may look goofy to some, but it’ll save your life and allow you to actually control your fireamr and not let it control you. Chris Costa and Travis Haley know what they’re talking about, look up their background for further confirmation. I’d also recommend, if you’re seriously interested, watching the Magpul dynamics videos or the Panteo Adaptive Carbine with Travis Haley. he explains everything.

    • Caleb, First thank you for reading my blog hope you gety some enjoyment/use out of my ramblings. Second thanks for the input. I’ve looked into this position and actually tried it with input from another instructor and I guess I’m just old school and very ingrained in the Marine Corps school of Marksmanship. This new position comes off completely uncomfortable to me as well as the fellow military PMI and just didn’t seem to aid eiher or long or short range engagement. It was extremely fun to attempt this new position just in the fact that anything new in shooting is fun to learn/try but in the long run for me Ill stick to the tried and true stances that have been proven effect in my personal use. Best of luck to the instructors that teach this new position and over all if it works for you at the end of the day use it! Again thanks for the input Caleb it really helped us try this position out and I you continue to comment/read and learn from my blog. Semper FI

  2. Rifleman skills are not high on the totem for modern military or police, with the exception being the 1% or less special operations teams. Now, as an old school marine, I am sure you recall being almost tortured into doing the right thing specifically with regards to rifle marksmenship.
    Using a sling Properly.
    Three positions of use, standing, kneeling, prone-
    Use of proper cover versus concealment etc.,

    Modern general use types (cops and mil) definitely do NOT have these skills as a general rule.

    This approach with the carbine is specifically designed to stabilize when moving etc.,

    If you lived in or around Tucson Az, id be happy to show you why it works.

    That being said, I personally still prefer and teach proper sling usage and marksmanship, except when working confined small spaces- where this approach is by far superior…currently!

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