Reality Chapter 6

Pulling the pin on the smoke canister he continues to sing the Ben Moody song as he pushes off the wall rifle in his left hand suddenly appearing out of the rising dust storm heading at a dead run straight at the two story building

“Don’t back down..” Pulling his arm back as he hears the first crack wizz of Ak rounds flying through the air at him, two targets second window on the left, possibly more. Caught them off guard apparently. He stumbles over hole and almost face plants it into the dirt as sand swirls around him. pin wheeling his arms to remain on his feet as he stumbles his forward momentum carrying him further.


Suddenly gaining his footing he stops dead in his tracks and looks down at the yellow smoke in his hand.

“Its peanut butter jelly time.. peanut butter jelly time.“ A round wizzes through the air near his jaw as he turns his head and looks up at the startled shooters in the window pulling his arm back and tossing the smoke into the air letting spoon free. A loud pop then hiss as the chemical reaction takes place and sickly yellow smoke starts spewing from the canister as it bounces against the railing on the balcony and falls down onto the ground at the second story.

“Seriously.. I so suck at throwing things.. “

“ 1 – 3 CLEAR CLEAR CLEAR, Break break 1 Kilo Vector this is 3 Sierra requesting immediate suppression mission on 36 Tango Sierra 1 6790 5493 Two story adobe building, Marked by yellow smoke, over”

“ 3 Sierra, 1 Kilo Vector we copy Immediate suppression, have located smoke, Firing now”

The world exploded, Alexander was flung ass over tea kettle as he jumped over the wall he’d started at earlier that day singing Yankee doodle dandy as he hit the ground.


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