Reality Chapter 5

He leaned his head against the cooling tile as his hands worked the nobs of the shower turning the hissing streaming water off slowly, his mind having slowed for a few minutes as he started at his now complacent hands.

“You bury me aliveee!” Good choice.. his mind speaks of its own regard as he steps dripping out of the shower shoving the shower curtain back into the large claw footed tub. Part of the reason he’d agreed to the absurd amount of rent required for this hole in the wall.

The Music continued to play in the back ground as he entered the main room, its kitchen, sitting area, bed room all in one, spartan, yellow wall paper peeling from the wall. The smell of stale food and mold in every corner as he walks over to the duffel and foot locker he’d pulled out earlier from the closet.

The Tv in the background turned down but the image now showing mass rioting, the sounds from outside the window creating its own soundtrack. Gunshots ring through the muggy air as it starts to rain. Lightening flashes literally zeroing out most peoples eye sight then the thunder rolls, shaking the walls as he opens the sea bag and pulling out a well worn pair of BDU’s. His phone switches songs

“Lay your weary head to rest.. don’t you cry no more..” Fitting again.. but I’m about to be unweary I do feel.. the thoughts in his head as he looks at the BDU’s and lays them on the chest, Old Desert BDU’s. He rummages through the Sea bag and pulls out a pair of Marpat Desert, Marpat Woodland then a pair of ATAC’s Desert. He stuffs the others into the seabag and tosses the ATACS on the back of a chair nearby.

Standing still naked he looks up at the tv in the corner as a scene of chaos flashes on its old tube screen. People running and screaming from a larger mob, the camera man hiccuping in panic as the report tries to keep him focused on getting the shot. Over head the shadows of Attack choppers drone in then the screen washes out in a flash of explosions and he starts humming yankee doodle dandy.

“Coordinates as follows 36 Tango Sierra 1 6790 5493, Immediate Suppression, Hostiles in Two story adobe brick building, how copy?”

“3 – 1 Relaying Coords 36 Tango Sierra 1 6790 5493 Immediate Suppression, Hostiles in Two story Adobe Brick building, how marking?”

“Now obsession rules my mind… Smoke how copy?” He starts to sing softly as he transmits folding the worn map up into its cargo pocket pulling a yellow smoke canister from his vest with a rip of velcro. “Seriously fucking hate that.”

“ 1 – 3, Advice against smoke you can’t get close enough how copy.. your not going to listen are you.”

“ 3 – 1 Nope.”


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