Reality. Chapter 7

The sharp report of a rifle echos through the hall way and screams erupt from behind the ravaged door as the man slumps against it with a loud bounding crash and then slides to the floor a small neat whole in the middle of his forehead. Alexander stands just outside his open door, rifle up in his shoulder the muzzle smoking. The air is filled with the smell of spent gun powder as a single 5.56 shell casing slowly falls through the air then clatters to the floor. A Scream erupts as a door behind him opens and he spins aiming the rifle at the door. A dirty blonde her lungs much larger then they should be continues to scream as he lowers his rifle and starts walking down the hall way. Behind him the woman continues to shriek about some one killing some one in the hall.

In the streets gunfire becomes the most predominate sound outside the sobs and screams of wounded or dieing. When Alexander entered the foyer of his rental apartment people where crowded around the single glass door watching the carnage outside as people fired on charging individuals. Cars crashed and screeched in a crescendo of carnage. An older man turned and looked at Alexander and all his gear and simply nodded

“Alex. Figured that was you upstairs.”

“Yep” his phone still playing music as he stops and looks out the front door. The soft whine of bagpipes coming from his pocket.

“That bad?” The old man adjusted his coat. Alexander knew under that coat a pistol was concealed. He’d talked often with the old man.

“Yep, one upstairs already.. probably more. You bugging?”

The old man simply nodded then pointed to the attached under ground garage. “Set and ready. you?”

Alexander nodded looked out the window of the door again and noticed a few more people looking at him and the old man and simply turned heading to the garage entrance.


“Ride with me for a bit, better in numbers.”

“Yep” the phone changed songs,

“History in ev’ry century
Records an act that lives forevermore.
We’ll recall, as into line we fall
The thing that happened on Hawaii’s shore

Let’s remember Pearl Harbor
As we go to meet the foe
Let’s remember Pearl Harbor
As we did the Alamo.”

Fitting song as the city destroyed itself.


Some one explain this to me please.

I’ve been doing some reading/surfing of the net about something I’ve recently seen in a multitude of pictures from “Tactical Shooting” Courses. And every time I come across a picture like this I have a “WTF” moment. It doesn’t make sense to me.

Specifically the Extended Left arm holding the weapon at the very front of the muzzle, especially when you have a broom handle attached to the weapon.

Now the two pictures I’ve posted up are of Chris Costa. Outside of hearing his name mentioned a few times in conjunction to Magpul and Tactical Shooting, I’ll admit I very little about him or his methods of shooting other then I’ve seen it with other “tactical shooters” recently and it looks extremely uncomfortable and less stable then standard methods of engagement.

So I’m asking you the readers, who may have experience or knowledge in this. What the Fuck over.

The Position looks extremely uncomfortable, and extremely unstable. Does it give you engagement speed bonus? Whats the purpose, the reasoning, or rhyme as to it if any? Any one used it before?

I’m seeing this stance pop up all over the place in the tactical shooting scenes and circuits. So its either one of those “I’m doing it because some billy bad ass said it was good” or it actually works.

Interesting enough I’m not seeing it being used by our current Special Operations or The Grunts. So whats the skinny folks.

I also found this, reading Tactical Fanboy

Admittedly Extremely funny but it just brings further questions to light for me not knowing the deal with this stance.


So with that Howdy, Semper Fi and have a wonderful Freaking day.

Reality Chapter 6

Pulling the pin on the smoke canister he continues to sing the Ben Moody song as he pushes off the wall rifle in his left hand suddenly appearing out of the rising dust storm heading at a dead run straight at the two story building

“Don’t back down..” Pulling his arm back as he hears the first crack wizz of Ak rounds flying through the air at him, two targets second window on the left, possibly more. Caught them off guard apparently. He stumbles over hole and almost face plants it into the dirt as sand swirls around him. pin wheeling his arms to remain on his feet as he stumbles his forward momentum carrying him further.


Suddenly gaining his footing he stops dead in his tracks and looks down at the yellow smoke in his hand.

“Its peanut butter jelly time.. peanut butter jelly time.“ A round wizzes through the air near his jaw as he turns his head and looks up at the startled shooters in the window pulling his arm back and tossing the smoke into the air letting spoon free. A loud pop then hiss as the chemical reaction takes place and sickly yellow smoke starts spewing from the canister as it bounces against the railing on the balcony and falls down onto the ground at the second story.

“Seriously.. I so suck at throwing things.. “

“ 1 – 3 CLEAR CLEAR CLEAR, Break break 1 Kilo Vector this is 3 Sierra requesting immediate suppression mission on 36 Tango Sierra 1 6790 5493 Two story adobe building, Marked by yellow smoke, over”

“ 3 Sierra, 1 Kilo Vector we copy Immediate suppression, have located smoke, Firing now”

The world exploded, Alexander was flung ass over tea kettle as he jumped over the wall he’d started at earlier that day singing Yankee doodle dandy as he hit the ground.

Reality Chapter 5

He leaned his head against the cooling tile as his hands worked the nobs of the shower turning the hissing streaming water off slowly, his mind having slowed for a few minutes as he started at his now complacent hands.

“You bury me aliveee!” Good choice.. his mind speaks of its own regard as he steps dripping out of the shower shoving the shower curtain back into the large claw footed tub. Part of the reason he’d agreed to the absurd amount of rent required for this hole in the wall.

The Music continued to play in the back ground as he entered the main room, its kitchen, sitting area, bed room all in one, spartan, yellow wall paper peeling from the wall. The smell of stale food and mold in every corner as he walks over to the duffel and foot locker he’d pulled out earlier from the closet.

The Tv in the background turned down but the image now showing mass rioting, the sounds from outside the window creating its own soundtrack. Gunshots ring through the muggy air as it starts to rain. Lightening flashes literally zeroing out most peoples eye sight then the thunder rolls, shaking the walls as he opens the sea bag and pulling out a well worn pair of BDU’s. His phone switches songs

“Lay your weary head to rest.. don’t you cry no more..” Fitting again.. but I’m about to be unweary I do feel.. the thoughts in his head as he looks at the BDU’s and lays them on the chest, Old Desert BDU’s. He rummages through the Sea bag and pulls out a pair of Marpat Desert, Marpat Woodland then a pair of ATAC’s Desert. He stuffs the others into the seabag and tosses the ATACS on the back of a chair nearby.

Standing still naked he looks up at the tv in the corner as a scene of chaos flashes on its old tube screen. People running and screaming from a larger mob, the camera man hiccuping in panic as the report tries to keep him focused on getting the shot. Over head the shadows of Attack choppers drone in then the screen washes out in a flash of explosions and he starts humming yankee doodle dandy.

“Coordinates as follows 36 Tango Sierra 1 6790 5493, Immediate Suppression, Hostiles in Two story adobe brick building, how copy?”

“3 – 1 Relaying Coords 36 Tango Sierra 1 6790 5493 Immediate Suppression, Hostiles in Two story Adobe Brick building, how marking?”

“Now obsession rules my mind… Smoke how copy?” He starts to sing softly as he transmits folding the worn map up into its cargo pocket pulling a yellow smoke canister from his vest with a rip of velcro. “Seriously fucking hate that.”

“ 1 – 3, Advice against smoke you can’t get close enough how copy.. your not going to listen are you.”

“ 3 – 1 Nope.”