Reality Chapter 4

Water flowed from the shower like dust in a storm, the temped flow smoothed the muscles along his back and shoulders as he leaned his head against the slick tile wall. His fingers still drumming its staccato tempo occasionally rapping out a hollow thump against a tile that was working its way loose from the wall. His humming constant as he leans his head back face up into the water eyes slowly opening letting water stream and sting his dark eyes.

Dust flew through the air as the wind picked up, it streamed around his face as he leaned forward scanning with his dark eyes. It had grown quiet outside of the howl of the wind flowing through the narrow alleys and streets of the small village. Fresh air was welcome as he flared his nostrils and started to sing softly to himself.

“Ninety nine bottles of beer on the wall… ninety nine bottles of beer.. what I’d give to have one here.. ninety eight bottles of beer on theee wall!”

He pushed out of the low door frame into the waning light the dust covering his movement relatively effectively as he sprinted across the open space to kneel down behind a low wall in front of him. In the short sprint he’d made he could barely make out the only two story building in the area.

It had two windows, well square holes in the walls on the second level with balcony’s facing each direction of the compass. That is where the fire had been coming from since they’d made contact.

“3 – 1 rocking robin tweet tweeeett” “1 – 3 good song. status?”

He literally snuggled up  against the adobe brick wall as he eyes the large structure for movement. So far nothing, same as the rest of the village.
“Empty. No Elephants, no peanuts” he continued to hum as he listened to the wind howl around him.

“1 – 3 wind storm is picking up we need to wrap this up now. Confirm No elephants, No peanuts?”

“Confirmed, stand by for coordinates.”


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