Reality Chapter 3

The sounds outside the window seem to increase as a thunderhead roles into the are changing the temperature outside cooling it yet causing the inside of the small apartment to become muggy almost unbearable. His fingers role along the table now marking a slow tempo as he starts to hum. a tuneless melody.. not even sure what its leading into starts up an old cowboy song as it leads straight into him singing softly

“Move along little doggy.. its your misfortune and none of my own..” Not realising he’s staring at the TV as it drones on about mass evacuations of guarantied areas.

“How fitting..” He suddenly stands and moves over to the small closet in the two room apartment. Opening it and pulling out a heavy seabag and chest leaving it in the middle of the room. It stands out in stark contrast to the pasty yellow wall paper. Foot steps hurry in the hall outside. His head turning with the sound listening less then seeing as his hand flexes and rolls as before.

“Shower.. Food. yep.. “ He turns and walks over to the small shelf near the table and hits play on his phone. Literally one of the only items in the small run down apartment that looks new.

He stands a minute as the music starts to flow through the room, the speakers, two, small and grey with a larger woofer, simple computer speakers plugged into his phone start pulsing as Abney Park, Airship pirates starts to play. He smiles and starts humming I’m a little teapot as he moves towards the bathroom, hesitating a moment as he sticks his head through the door.

The hole was nothing more then a blast result. A breach.

“I’m a little teapot.. short and stout..” “1 – 3 yes.. your nuts.. your also transmitting.” “ 3 – 1 Oops. entering. Standby”

He thrust himself through the hole his shoulder causing some of the wall to crumbles he rolled. Not the most dramatic of entrances nor the prettiest but he seemed to recover quickly his weapon the long barreled FNFAL sweeping the room for contact.

“Anti Climatic much?” Nothing. He stands slowly his eyes adjusting to the dim light sweeping the little two room hut. An animal smell assaulted his nose as he swept the barrel of his weapon along the top of the room, the open wood rafters clear as he took his first tentative steps forward.

Dust kicked up and swirled around his trouser legs and boots as he stepped further into the room. The whole hut was maybe large enough to hold two people.. but here it seems a whole family of at least 6 people had lived. Articles of living where scattered around the room, in the middle a small fire pit with a make shift grill, a metal tea kettle lay on its side a few cups made of plastic or wood lay scattered about.

Garbage and refuse lay knee deep in a corner. Families in these parts didn’t through anything away.. The smell grew stronger as he stepped towards the second room. This one smaller. The dirt floor covered in rough mats of fabric or some sort of plant material.

And in the corner.. crap. Literally animal and human in a pile. What once was a small hole is now a larger pile of fecal matter.. the smell horrid..

“1 – 3 status?” He swept his rifle barrel along the room shifting some of the blankets on the floor.

“3 – 1 How much wood.. would a wood chuck, chuck, if a wood chuck shit in a hole?” “ 1 – 3 .. I’ll take that as negative contact proceed forward”.

Alexander turned and moved back into the main room heading for the main entrance into the home, his humming stopping long enough to realize that the heavy thump of the possible RPK had stopped.

“Interesting.. must be a fan of my singing”


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