The Cost of Training.

Been sometime since I’ve been able to sit down and update.

So I’m updating. And this topic has me bit miffed. Training. Specifically Civilian Tactical Training.

Recently a friend of mine stopped in at work and asked if I’d ever looked into Training courses offered by “professional” organizations in survival, land nav, and firearms/marksmanship. Honestly I’d ran into a couple, looked at a couple but every time I got to one area I simply went “nope.”

The price! Holy Crap folks seriously.. for one course that I saw which was a Two day course in just Learning “tactical pistol engagement” it cost $750.00 This does not include the cost of gas, food, lodging, and Ammunition.

Ammunition amount needed for each day? 500 Rounds per. So if you get the bulk box of 100 rounds of 9mm at 19.99 x 5 boxes X 2 = another $200.00

So now we are sitting at $750.00 + $200.00 = $950.00 (there was alot of boot removal to count toes here).

So $950.00 to just learn how to “Shoot tactically with my pistol”. Ok.. So lets look at gas.

Depending on where you live in conjunction to the Course you will either fly or drive. If your close one tank of gas should get you there and bank. If your truck is like mine a Tank of gas is $50.00

So now we have $950.00 + $50.00 = $1000.00 (bet some of you didn’t realize I could count that high with all my toes and fingers did ya)

Ok, so $1000.00 so far, BUT if you fly, you need that gas for a rental car, a rental car for two days can very from $200.00 to $800.00 crap.. I’m running out of toes to count here folks..

So lets just put this to bed at roughly $1500.00 for a two day “Tactical Pistol shooting Course”. 1500 DOLLARS! Are they insane?!  What could they be teaching that I would want to that much money for a two day course? I’ve seen some of the Courses offered, alot of them cover some  basics then each one from that point goes into their own ideals on what “tactical shooting” means to them and how “they do it”.

This confuses me. Is the cost so high because of who the instructor is? or range costs? or business costs? I wasn’t sure so I did a little more looking.

In most situations the courses are being offered by a group of no more then Three individuals. The Ranges are either their private range they own, or public range that costs nothing, or even a local private range that they have an agreement with the range master.

Now.. don’t get me wrong I’m not bad mouthing Training. EVERY ONE should get some sort of training and continue to train any time they get the opportunity. BUT look into the training your getting.

Alot of these Tactical Courses are alot of money just to go shooting and have some one tell you a few tips or tricks. I’d pay 1500 for a week of training in Long Range Engagement out past 1000 Meters in a heart beat as an instructor in that better know their stuff or you’ll know in the first ten minutes of your first day.

But 1500 for two days of “Tactical Pistol Course”? No thanks. Specially when in most cases you can Go to an Appleseed shoot, or even to a local range and just talk to people there. Alot of people will teach you for Free.

Ontop of that.. what sort of training are you looking for? New to pistol or rifle shooting? Get a basic course! Don’t dump a ton of money into a class like that only to find they are teaching way over most peoples level of skills.

Over all in my opinion if you want to pay, then do your homework. But in this case alot of times Free is better. Talk to people at your local range. If you can’t do that Look up Appleseed, or a NRA instructor, or even a Local Military or Law enforcement Veteran.

LE is always willing in most cases to teach weapons safety and basics of Marksmanship if nothing else to make you and people around you safe.

Folks, Training should be available to every one. minimal cost, Shooting is not an Elite Sport. Don’t make Training that way.

Greed – That Hooba Dooba is broke.

So with that Howdy, Semper Fi and have a wonderful Freaking day.