The Art of Terrain Models

So with my glorious time off I had to find something to do other then work! The Honey do list is pretty much caught up.. SHHHH don’t tell my wife!

And TV is boring, and shockingly I’ve found I can only blow up so many tanks in World of tanks before I get bored of that.. and I’m only on my second day off!

SO recently we bought my son a bunch of plastic “army men” he would often ask for them then decide to put them back at the store to save money. My Kids are extremely conscious of spending their allowance and making it count. They Rock.

So we’ve been having little “army men wars” all over the living room

Its been a blast! and reminds me of the days of the “Terrain Models” In the Corps. We used to carry around these little green army men, yarn, and what ever bits and pieces we found to make terrain models when we where out in the field. And then I got my old G3 a clicking and decided to do a Diorama to play “army men” on with my son!

I’d had been given some terrain building materials some time ago so I went out and got it and tooki stock in what I had. A good variety of materials to work with. So finding a old fiber board the right size we got to work with some paper, some packing foam from a box and a hot glue gun and some Plaster Cloth I went to town.

I cut the packing foam into some strips of varying size and set them on the board, at first I was going to do a standard trench line directly across from each other but didn’t looked. So some brainstorming a Cherry Doctor Pepper and hot glue burns on my fingers and Bryan giggling at me we came up with a design we liked and went to town with the Plaster Cloth.

Plaster Cloth is so cool! Its basically the same material they used to use to put casts on your broken arm etc. Just maybe not as tough. Its really easy to use. Basically cut it into strips dip in water, ring some of the water off with your fingers, then lay it down and smooth it out.  As you can see above I used the packing foam for the outline, then wadded up bits of paper in front of it to give it “mounds” of dirt.

And Viola! we have two trenches and Brianna’s little toes in the picture! It was rather quick to do and easy to apply. Once I had these in place it was time to let them dry, but being I found it so simple to do I wanted to make some Bomb craters in no man’s land. So taking bits of the packing foam and cutting them to size I laid them out and they received the same plaster cloth treatment as the trenches.

And there you have it. My first adventure in making diorama’s in any scale that didn’t involve mud, yarn, little green army men, and the potential of once made having someone shooting at me after wards.

This is just the initial stage of setting the ground work out. Next I’ll start painting and flocking and adding foilage and tree’s. Good times!

So with that Howdy, Semper Fi and have a wonderful Freaking day.


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