Honor. Courage. Commitment.

I do alot of things that I classify as work. Alot of it is tremendously fun and enjoyable. Some of it not so much. But all of it I like to think has a purpose.

I celebrated the Marine Corps 236th Birthday yesterday demonstrating what I do for work.

It was my utmost honor and pleasure of demonstrating and speaking to some Veterans about how technology has improved the capabilities to train our troops to better handle situations they are facing. I wasn’t sure what War they’d fought in, it didn’t really matter. They had served our country.  They still where interested in how our country was and is served today. Interested in the troops themselves.

I talked to them about IED’s, about the conventional weapon systems we use and are being used against us, the unconventional. They asked questions on a variety of topics. And I started to realize. One of them was a Combat Veteran of World War II.

I’m a history buff, I love military history and I’d been using my limited knowledge to explain how some weapons had come about, what they could be compared to in previous weapon systems. This gentleman asked about the RPG7 and called it a Bazooka. That is when I started realizing. He asked if it was like a panzer faust, all flame in the front end. Asked about the AK47 jamming or freezing up from to much fire like the STG44. Weapons I’d only read about he’d either had fired at him or fired himself.

Through talking with them I learned that the one gentleman in particular had been a Combat Engineer on the initial wave onto Normandy Beach. Some one who had to swallow every earthy fear they had, and run into a literal pit of hell so as to make it some what more safe for those following behind him. And he was standing in front of me listening to my yammering about how technology had changed the battlefield and the way we trained troops.

I’m a Veteran, My wife is a Veteran and we both give thanks to those who came before us. To those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our Country. To those who stood to the standard of what a Veteran is. It is an unspoken standard of self sacrifice, determination, honor, fortitude and courage.

On this day of Remembrance I am honored to be among those who stand as a Veteran uphold the traditions and standards of our United States Military and who have put the greater good before themselves. For with out You, those before me, I would not be able to do what I do today.

Thank you and Semper Fidelis.



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