So There I was..

Sitting on the couch surfing the net and my laptop starts beeping and clicking.. then stops beeping and clicking. Ok.. thats new.

Then it starts it again. Then it stops and restarts itself. THEN it refuses to reboot. Hooba Dooba Broke. Not just Broke its dead.


So I start the adventure of getting my laptop repaired through Dell’s warranty system. First I must say it was rather. Well lets say it was.. hmm




Shocking I know! In a day and age when customer service is hardly non existent, Dell is doing something right here. Outside of half the time not being able to understand their representatives on the phone and that first phone call to get the shipping box and file my claim the Representative asking me to restart the computer seven times to see what it does.

The rest of the process was painless and actually very fast. I made my initial call to file the claim on the 7th of Oct. The shipping box arrived on the 10th, shipped it out on the 12th of Oct. and received it back from repair on the 26th of Oct. Not Lightening fast but Fast enough for me.


Now while I’m on Customer Service I’ve got a shout out I need to send. Hopie at Crooked Stitch Creations made me some patches on the 1st of Oct. She did an EXCELLENT JOB! Its completely custom made just for lil ole me. Hopie does an AWESOME job, very patient and has excellent customer service. Highly recommend her for any Patch work you need!

Now your wondering.. whats MHI? Monster Hunters International. It has Guns, Monsters, Guns, Monsters, Story, Women with Guns, Men with Guns, Monsters with Guns, and Guns. Writer Larry Correia writes Monster Hunters International a AWESOME Set of books. I was actually turned on to them by the Mad Duo. Highly recommend reading them.

To see more of Hopies custom patch creations check out her Facebook page Here: Crooked Stitch Creations

You can find more info on Larry and MHI at his blog here: Monster Hunter Nation


Now.. recently I started posting on my facebook page Art’s Rules of Horror so I’ll get you caught up to speed on them.

First Why? Because I felt like it and some peoples idea of “horror” is horrible! (pun intended)

On to the Rules.


Art’s rules of Horror: #1. If you want to read twilight you are required to first read the 1944 unabridged version of Bram Strokers Dracula. Vampires only twinkle with liberal applications of gasoline and a match.

Art’s Rules of Horror: #2. Zombies, are cool. Zombies, do not make you cool. Zombies make you into more Zombies. Jumping on the Zombie Bandwagon because “every one is doing it” Just provides more targets.. wait.. Carry on with your latest trend mentality. That is all.

Art’s Rules of Horror: #3. Scream is not a Horror Movie. It is not a Classic Horror Movie. Phantom of the Opera is a Classic Horror Movie. Dispute this and you’ll be forced to watch Scream 1 through what ever over and over and over.


So with that Howdy, Semper Fi and have a wonderful Freaking day.













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