The Hooba Dooba of Simulations.

Recently I took a trip for work to look as the VBS2 System developed by Bohemia Interactive for Military use as a Battlefield Simulation system.

For those of you who are hard core Military sims types you’re familiar with it if you play the ARMA Series of games. And all I have to say is AWESOME!

I’ve been playing ARMA a good long while, and seeing the VBS2 system in action was impressive and I see myself being able to do a TON of stuff to enhance Military training for units that I work with. I’m stoked to actually get my hands on this system.


Now in other news.. Javelins. Things are big, bulky, heavy and down right MEAN! We picked up a Javelin simulation system for a unit to use in the coming months. Well it being a “ohh shinny” in the office I broke it out and started learning how to use the system and shoot a javelin! I know I know.. ROCK ON! Well the bad part was it didnt come with a FM of any sort so I was stumbling a Javelin system like a blind man in the light.

But I love google. I seriously do. I think sometimes I’d have Googles kids. I jumped on google and googled Javelin FM and 20 Minutes later not only had I read the full FM I was sitting behind the Javelin Sim Trainer and taking the Javelin Gunners Qualification course and PASSING. And I just realized I just typed google 5 times in one sentence. Thats alot of google.

Javelins.. are awesome. Once you learn how to use them they are just an amazing weapon system.  With the capability to fire Direct or Top down it allows you to literally engage armored targets and even Helicopters in almost any situation.

I tell you what though they are HEAVY. I’d never had the opportunity to play with one on active duty, I’d seen the tubes often enough but never realized just how heavy these things are. HEAVY. Period.

One of the interesting things I found as I worked with the system was alot of principles of Weapons marksmanship pertained to firing a Javelin system. When you finally had system lock and had to mark the target center mass, I found myself controlling my breathing pulling the fire trigger at the bottom of my breath. Made it extremely more accurate to use.


Over all groovysauce (Yes this is patented but you are authorized to use it!) And for those of you who don’t put much credit into Military Simulations systems. Come play with me for a day. I’ll change your mind.


So with that Howdy, Semper Fi and have a wonderful Freaking day.


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