The Hooba Dooba Mentality.

I had the pleasure recently to work with an ODA (Operational Detatchment Alpha). a Special Forces Team. I do alot of work with different branches and units, but I always enjoy working with these guys.

 During one of our off moment conversations we got talking about training and plain ole survival. And something stuck me as funny as we where discussing surviving some of the situations we both had survived. Alot of the situations where bad. some very bad. and it literally came down to plain old stubbornness and the fortitude to suck it up and drive on.

I’d never really realized it till that point. Alot of Military Units and Branchs talk about training and being “Hard Core” I myself being a Marine Infantryman/Scout have gone through some tough training. And sitting around chewing the preverbial fat with a bunch of SF guys about their training we all realized that alot of situations honestly isnt about how “Hard core” you are or how in shape you are, or even how fast or strong you are. It comes down to being plain old stubborn, and having the fortitude to drive past your comfort zone and a very healthy dose of Common Sense.

Realizing that as we did we started analyzing situations we’d been in, both in training and war. And had another realization that this mentality as it was saved our bacons more times then not. Especially the fortitude to drive on and common sense. Situations where we’d been injured and had to drive past the pain, or just the common sense when to keep quiet.

What it honestly comes down to after this discussion is we all agreed that almost any survival situation no matter, natural disaster, man made disaster, war, etc. Having the proper mentality will get you through almost any situation.

Tools are great. having the proper tool always works, ONLY if you have the proper mentality to utilize that tool and when to utilize that tool. Proper Mentality is a tool in and of itself.

In my time of training units and troops I’ve worked with alot of different types, SEALS, Army SF, Marine Recon, LE/SWAT and I’ve had this conversation with alot of them. Even Retired SF from Veitnam have stated that situations like this you need three things, Fortitude to drive on, Good bit of Stubbornness, and Alot of Common Sense. They’ve all even stated that most SF training is this.

Being in shape is great, but if your not in Mental shape forget it.

I tend to agree with them. Whats your thoughts?


So with that Howdy, Semper Fi and have a wonderful Freaking day.


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