of Child, Man and Warrior.

We where all once children, small inconceivably small. Inconsequential in the world of the world. It mattered little to us and us little to it.

Little did we know that in one day we children, small, inexperienced, learning. We would take the mantel of Man, of more then Child with the stroke of one thought, one action, We children so inconsequential to the world would become something more.

Something important. And we learn, we grow, we shape our world in an image of that which we feel is safe, nurturing, productive to those who where once Children. Yet we forget we where once Children.  And it is torn from us.

With a Childs fear we look upon what has become of ourselves our world. The Fear, the Disgust, the Hatred. And we forget. We forget, we stop, we hide.

Why do we hide? Fear produces these feelings. We step back into that which comforts us only to realize unless we step forth even as Child we cannot be nurtured protected.  So in a single day we move from Child to Man. From being Nurtured to the Protected. We take that step, Consciously or Unconsciously but we Step. But only a few, at first. Those Few brave the fear, the darkness the unknown to step forward and go from Child to Man.

But these few do not forget what it is like to be Child. The Joy, the Laughter. And they fight. They Fight and Win. And when they do not win they stand again, and face that which we fear and drive on. They push through pain and agony, fire and death. Fear, Fear does not leave them but it grows them. It Drives them from being the Child to the Man. To the Warrior.

We are those Warriors. Those who took the step. Forward into the unknown. Why. Why is asked often why give up such joys as the Child. Such ease as the Man. To take upon the Hardship of the Warrior.

Who else?

To feel the fire of the Warrior. Its calling, its yearnings. It has been written through the ages that the Warrior True to their path is of glory and honor. I say false. Glory does not come from being a Warrior. Honor Comes from the heart not because the Child steps to Man who turns to Warrior.

Pain, Fear, Agony begets the Warrior. And under all that lays the noblest of all. Protection. The True Warrior is a protector. So that others do not have to.

So that others do not have to.

Do not outgrow the way of the Child. Do not unlearn the way of Man. Never Forget the way of the Warrior.  With out one we are nothing. With out all we are doomed.

Semper Fidelis.



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