On 9/11 Ten years ago, I was just sitting down to check if the Companies had finished their training schedules and sent them to me after Morning PT. My Staff Sergeant called me on the phone and calmly stated “Turn on the TV now.” I walked over to the Corner TV in the 3 Shop office and flipped it on, just as the second plane crashed into the second tower.


For Ten years we have remembered this tragedy. The Police Officers, and Firefighters, First Responders all to this tragedy, many whom my unit had just spent time training with in New York.

20 Minutes up the road from my Battalions HQ, stands the largest military headquarters. The Pentagon. Across the road from it stands Henderson Hall, Headquarters Marine Corps. I was due to make a courier run into Henderson hall that morning after Morning PT. I would have been directly across from the Pentagon when the plane struck it.

I knew firefighters and police officers in New York personally. Friends Heroes.

1994, I was a freshman in Highschool, and had the honor and pleasure to March with the Wyoming All State Marching Band in Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade. I never realized that would be the first and last time I ever in person saw the World Trade Center Towers standing.

I spoke to a Horse Cop that day as I stood outside those towers looking up, so many years ago. He grew up always dreaming of riding a horse in New York as a Police Officer. We Joked about riding the horse up the stairs of the tower.  He was my boy hood hero. He wasn’t afraid to rush into danger, ride his horse, his partner through traffic that scared the ever living bejebus out of a wide eyed country kid from Wyoming. He had retired many years before 9/11, and he rushed to the buildings to assist after the Tragedy that day.

We fight for the very reason he rushed into those buildings. We still toe the line and stand shoulder to shoulder. Prepared and ready as they where. No one forced them to do their duty. No one asked the countless people who volunteered, showed up out of no where, sent aid, and food.  No one forces us to do ours. We do it because it is right. Just as we Remember, and we Live. America is not made on money, or politics. Its not formed by the high minds of our Nations “Leaders” It is made by the blood, sweat and tears of its people.

We Scare the world. Not because we are “powerful” in arms or Politics. We Scare the World because Americans are Americans. We have been Americans since 1775 and forever shall be Americans.

We Live, We Learn and We push on. Never Forgetting Always Defending, Forever Defeating those who would harm us.

We are Americans.

Never Forget,  Because you can hit us, you may knock us down, But you cannot defeat us.

Semper Fidelis.




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