Some times a Hooba Dooba is a good thing, Also asking for some Help.

First I want to ask my readers for some help, Not for me, but for this little girl.


Millie Baldwin was diagnosed with a rare Kidney cancer on August 17, 2011. She could use some help. So please take a moment and send a few dollars her way I’m sure she’d highly appreciate it. So would I.


Lets fix her Hooba Dooba.



Now, recently I was working with a unit at work conducting some Counter IED Training. This guys where just OUTSTANDING To work with. One of the First units that have tested my abilities as an instructor. Highly enjoyed working with them.

Well in working with them I did a Hooba Dooba moment but it was pretty comical.

So we have this one section of land we call the “Land Bridge” its a deep ravine almost canyon heavily wooded with old burnt out tree’s

looking at the Land Bridge from the North East Side

As you can see in the picture its pretty thickly wooded with dead tree’s, but what you cant really see is how steep the banks are. Well these guys are working on their off road driving capabilities in conjunction to dealing with IED’s. They did some stuff I’ve never seen done with a Light Skin Humvee was awesome!

So any ways, situation they are progressing through this area and I’m trying to be devious and hit them with an IED. So instead of the typical One IED I use in this area I place two. One on the North East Bank side, and one on the South East Bank. Basically no matter which path they choose to travel to avoid going on the road they should come close to the IED so I can get them.

Well, They pull up set up security and dismount, sending out a light patrol to clear their route, All excellent tactics mind you and done properly. Again joy working with these guys they took the training to heart, true professionals. The Patrol takes their “Interrupter” with them as he’s supposed to know the local area.

Now the  “Interrupter” is a contractor who volunteers to be opfor or a roleplayer on occasions when not running his training equipment down in the shop. He has no idea where the IED(s) are placed but knows they are out there. So its going to be a surprise all around.

Yeah.. it was a surprise. I set up to set the IED off hit detonate and BOOM! Now.. I’ve been following the group as they move off road, along the road in my work truck, The South East IED was placed in a downed tree not more then 3 feet from said road and I happened to pull the truck about 5 feet from it, KNOWING its there and Knowing that the Unit training would not be coming near it.

What did I do? I set the South east IED off because I couldnt see the LED screen on my control unit due to the sun. Yeah.. rookie mistake one big HOOBA DOOBA right?

I couldnt have done that IED Ambush better if I’d planned it. Because as soon as I set the South East IED off, the Dismounted Patrol and Interrupter all pushed back from the road to within 10 meters of the OTHER IED and hunkered down! It literally drove them right into the Kill zone. So I’m giggling like a babbling idiot as I set up the other IED and detonate it. BOOM! Interrupter goes down, people jump, Branches go Flying through the air.

See the Interrupter was set up with Moulage and was to be wounded IF i was able to hit them with an IED. Well It went off way better then expected because as soon as the IED went off he fell over and landed right in a Cactus.  Didn’t know that after the secondary IED had gone off learned that little bit later.


Over all was a great day of training, I blew myself up along with the unit, I learned a TON from working with these guys and had a blase (literally) and hope they learned just as much from me as I did from them. One of the most challenge C-IED courses I’ve run and LOVED IT!

I love my job.

So we had a Hooba Dooba and fixed a Hooba Dooba.

So with that Howdy, Semper Fi and have a wonderful Freaking day.


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