Zombies and your weapon of choice.

Since I’m on a weapon/Zombie kick right now, I ran into an old post I made about what weapons and strategy would you use to deal with Zombies.


Rules where simple:

1 Primary weapon/caliber/1 attachment (rifle, Shotgun, assault rifle) – Do you use the shotgun for close combat or rifle to get out there an touch someone

2. Backup weapon/caliber (handgun) Do you go with the bigger caliber or higher capacity?

3. Last resort weapon/Caliber ( Barrel must be short than 3 inches) Are you going 38 or 22?

4. Knife (Machette, carving knife) You want the zombie killing reach of the machette or the versititly of a good utility knife

5. Strategy (Stay mobile or camp out) Keep moving or stand your ground?

Only stipulation is that you have to own one of your guns…to assume you fought your way to the gun store to pick up the other two.


So My Answer:


1. M4 with Silencer in 5.56, (little known fact apparently, that if you pick up a Civilian Model of a AR15 and it is stamped with 223 on its side it cannot safely fire 5.56 rounds. Difference in 223 and 556 are in the throat of the round and how the Rifle’s Chamber is built.  Always look to pick up a AR15 in 5.56 as they are set up to fire both).
2. Berretta 92FS 9mm

3. 22 Magnum Revolver

4. Hand Axe

5. Bug out, go deep stay quiet.


In true fashion I seem to have summed up my whole process in very short and simple terms. So whats your answers to the quiz?

So with that Howdy, Semper Fi and have a wonderful Freaking day.


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