The Hooba Dooba of shooting.

Being around firearms and an avid shooter I’ve constantly heard comments about “stopping power” “such and such gun is better then such and such gun” etc. I’m a notorious Beretta Fan, I own one, I carry one. Its the pistol of choice for me because I like it, its reliable to me. I hate glocks, I’ve owned one and I’ve fired one, still hate them. Doesnt mean I wont admit they are a good gun.

Recently I was prowling around the internet and I came across a blog done by ITS Tactical, In one paragraph they summed up every Myth and Comment I’ve every heard stated, and Highly disagree with and set that Hooba Dooba straight. So with out further ado I present to you


Myth #1 – Caliber Matters

First off let’s talk caliber. Let me say that this is one of the hottest topics out there and is bandied about with much fanfare and supposition on all sides by experts and non-experts. Here are some facts and figures that actually do matter.

  1. A .22 has killed plenty of people. So have a .32, a .380, 9-milly, a .357, a .357 Sig, .40 and a .45 caliber. Bullet type (ball vs. hollow point) has more to do with effectiveness that the caliber.
  2. The common term “Stopping power,” is more a measurement of energy and has nothing to do with a dynamic target such as the human body.
  3. Shot placement is key.
  4. The cavity a bullet can make in a block of gelatin, wet phone books, or a water jug, has very little to do with what it can do in a diversely dense target such as the human body. The human body has differential densities i.e. muscle, tendon, bone and voids (lungs and intestines). All of these affect how the bullet performs.
If you would like to read more mosey on over to ITS Tacticals Blog found Here:
Tons of great posts and information available. Great Reads as well.
So with that Howdy, Semper Fi and have a wonderful Freaking day.

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