M.H.I. Patch Contest! WOOHOO!!

For those of you who know me. You all have realized along time ago I’m a Zombie/Monster FREAK. If its Zombie or Monster I dig it.


Well Monster Hunters Internationl Book Series by Larry Correia are AWESOME reads. I highly recommend them. Well Mr. Correia over at his blog http://larrycorreia.wordpress.com/ announced a contest.



Monster Hunter International Patch Contest II: The Patchening!

And all I could do was giggle like a maniac fire up the laptop pull up paint.Net and get to work!


After much wailing and nashing of teeth, breaks to shoot some Zombies, and watch my oldest daughter, Who by the way turns 9 today! Happy Birthday Bridgy!, play some WII Baseball and giggle as my MII dropped a infield pop fly, (I seriously think these MII things in this WII thing are messed up I’d NEVER miss an infield pop fly, let along giggle.. jeez). I created THIS!


If I do say so myself it ROCKS. I tried to incorporate alot of the Wyoming Traditions, the colors, the western fonts, the shape, and of course Steamboat and of course ZOMBIES who are about to get their world rocked by Steamboat!  Its Large so it can be seen but at the normal size would be a standard shoulder patch.

So let me know what you think, Hooba Dooba Broke on this one?

Stop in at Mr. Correia’s blog, Pick Up his books if you like monsters and firearms and zombies and zombies and firearms and monsters. He is also a MidWest Local so always like to help out local Artist/Writers.

So with that Howdy, Semper Fi and have a wonderful Freaking day.





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