Sometimes the Hooba Dooba isnt broke.

In my random meanderings of the Internets I stumble across a variety of things. Alot of videos I’ve watched on Youtube have got some serious Hooba Dooba issues.

Milproakron seems to not have any Hooba Dooba issues. I’ve been watching his videos for a while when he posts them up. I’m not to hot on political aspects at times, but for the most part he does a pretty good presentation of points through his own opinion.

Now being a Marine and an Amphibious Warrior and one of the Only US Military Services that still require Swim Qualification in bootcamp, this video I found interesting.

Stealth in Water. Its short, its sweet, and its to the point and its pretty much spot on. So I figured I’d pass it on for those Amphibious warrior types.

Or for those of you who fall in the pool on a saturday night while trying to demonstrate that you are not drunk and don’t want any one to witness you getting out!

So with that Howdy, Semper Fi and have a wonderful Freaking day.


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