There is always a Beginning and an End. but its always the middle that starts us off.

So I was sitting at my computer reading through some threads on one of the few Forums I frequent and it hit yet again.. The Ever present “I am an expert at just about damn everything and will always make a comment about something some one posts no matter if I have any experience in it or not.”

Don’t you just hate reading those things? I rarely post in forums unless I have participated, used, have experience with etc.  In this case, I posted in a thread about the ATACS Camo pattern. I have experience with it. I’ve only been using them at work in a field environment since the pattern was released to the public.

So I posted up a picture.  This is me at work, testing the pattern out.

Now here are a few things.

1. I walked five meters from the camera behind a tree.

2.  I didn’t try to hide, we where seeing how well the pattern worked. I.E. How well it broke up my Pattern.

With that in mind let me point out a few things about Camouflage Patterns.  Camouflage has one purpose truly, its not meant to “Hide” you its meant to break up your “Pattern”. A Human body standing up presents a very recognizable Pattern. Any Camo pattern will not break up a pattern by its self. Thats where Cover and Concealment come into play. Cover provides you literally “Cover” it blocks you from incoming rounds, and eyeballs spying you. Concealment provides just that “Concealment” It hides you being spotted.

With that in mind, we now go back to the fact of Camoflauge and its purpose.  Its designed to break up your pattern and provide you with Concealment. The key point is breaking up the pattern. By which in the picture you can see that ATACS does a excellent job in this terrain, there is a slight pattern outline of me standing there but it does break up the Human body Pattern very well. which leads to the comment that started this whole thing.

“You’re standing behind a tree. The tree is doing most of the work, not the pattern.”  

Well Congratulations Captain Obvious that is the whole point!

Unless you have a Camo pattern hidden in that great void of knowledge you have stashed in your G3 located on that neck of yours, that completely conceals you with out additional foliage, trees, buildings etc, I suggest you go back to your field craft school and learn what Camouflage patterns are for in the first place.

Unless you subscribed to the US Army School of Camouflage AKA the “ACU” “multi purpose camouflage for all environments”. No camouflage pattern to date is going to hide,conceal, make you a sammich, all by its lonesome.

And this Lady’s and Gents just reaffirms the whole point of this blog being started.. That Guys Hooba Dooba is broke. And reaffirms my reason as to why I’ll rarely ever post anything on Forums. To many damn self proclaimed experts in all things internet.

SO with that I say Howdy, Semper Fi and Have a wonderful Freaking day.


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