What is “The Hooba Dooba Broke”?

Have you ever been doing something and just had a lose of words on how to describe a situation your watching, listening to, or participating in?


That Lady’s and Gent’s is the “Hooba Dooba” and typically its Broke.  Now being broke doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed but sometimes you just don’t want to fix it because of the comedic factor, or the time it would take to fix it, or the fact you just don’t give a flying public butttruck load of crap if it ever gets fixed.


I face alot of Hooba Dooba’s on a daily basis, wither its at work, on the net, in town, or in life general. And sometimes I just feel like posting something.

So I present My Hooba Dooba fixer. Oh don’t worry the Hooba Dooba will still be broke. But maybe we can fix a few here and get a good laugh out of it,


So with that Howdy, Semper Fi and have a wonderful Freaking day.


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