The Hooba Dooba of shooting.

Being around firearms and an avid shooter I’ve constantly heard comments about “stopping power” “such and such gun is better then such and such gun” etc. I’m a notorious Beretta Fan, I own one, I carry one. Its the pistol of choice for me because I like it, its reliable to me. I hate glocks, I’ve owned one and I’ve fired one, still hate them. Doesnt mean I wont admit they are a good gun.

Recently I was prowling around the internet and I came across a blog done by ITS Tactical, In one paragraph they summed up every Myth and Comment I’ve every heard stated, and Highly disagree with and set that Hooba Dooba straight. So with out further ado I present to you


Myth #1 – Caliber Matters

First off let’s talk caliber. Let me say that this is one of the hottest topics out there and is bandied about with much fanfare and supposition on all sides by experts and non-experts. Here are some facts and figures that actually do matter.

  1. A .22 has killed plenty of people. So have a .32, a .380, 9-milly, a .357, a .357 Sig, .40 and a .45 caliber. Bullet type (ball vs. hollow point) has more to do with effectiveness that the caliber.
  2. The common term “Stopping power,” is more a measurement of energy and has nothing to do with a dynamic target such as the human body.
  3. Shot placement is key.
  4. The cavity a bullet can make in a block of gelatin, wet phone books, or a water jug, has very little to do with what it can do in a diversely dense target such as the human body. The human body has differential densities i.e. muscle, tendon, bone and voids (lungs and intestines). All of these affect how the bullet performs.
If you would like to read more mosey on over to ITS Tacticals Blog found Here:
Tons of great posts and information available. Great Reads as well.
So with that Howdy, Semper Fi and have a wonderful Freaking day.

M.H.I. Patch Contest! WOOHOO!!

For those of you who know me. You all have realized along time ago I’m a Zombie/Monster FREAK. If its Zombie or Monster I dig it.


Well Monster Hunters Internationl Book Series by Larry Correia are AWESOME reads. I highly recommend them. Well Mr. Correia over at his blog announced a contest.



Monster Hunter International Patch Contest II: The Patchening!

And all I could do was giggle like a maniac fire up the laptop pull up paint.Net and get to work!


After much wailing and nashing of teeth, breaks to shoot some Zombies, and watch my oldest daughter, Who by the way turns 9 today! Happy Birthday Bridgy!, play some WII Baseball and giggle as my MII dropped a infield pop fly, (I seriously think these MII things in this WII thing are messed up I’d NEVER miss an infield pop fly, let along giggle.. jeez). I created THIS!


If I do say so myself it ROCKS. I tried to incorporate alot of the Wyoming Traditions, the colors, the western fonts, the shape, and of course Steamboat and of course ZOMBIES who are about to get their world rocked by Steamboat!  Its Large so it can be seen but at the normal size would be a standard shoulder patch.

So let me know what you think, Hooba Dooba Broke on this one?

Stop in at Mr. Correia’s blog, Pick Up his books if you like monsters and firearms and zombies and zombies and firearms and monsters. He is also a MidWest Local so always like to help out local Artist/Writers.

So with that Howdy, Semper Fi and have a wonderful Freaking day.




Bullying.. The Hooba Dooba is really broke on this issue.

I’m a father, My Oldest Daughter just started 4th grade, and since she started school in kindergarten I’ve seen a growing concern with Bullying.


For the longest time my soon to be 9 year old daughter has come home from school on multiple occasions crying about being picked on for things ranging from, getting her hair cut, the clothes she wears, her liking Disney Princesses, the books she chooses to read, and the list goes on.

We’ve talked to the school, her teachers, even other parents and it continues to be an issue at times. Last year my daughter who loves playing soccer came home and said she would not play soccer in the fall because the “Coyotes” would “kill her if she played soccer”.

Third Grade.. 8 Years old and she was afraid. The “Coyotes” as they were/are known was a group of girls that where in a “club” that bullied kids that didn’t meet their social standard.


This is unsatisfactory to any degree. And we are hoping this year things are different with a new principle of the elementary school. But I’m not the only one speaking out against bullying, I read this article on a friends facebook page and I stand behind the photographer 110%


A Pennsylvania photographer named Jennifer McKendrick has caused quite a stir by canceling senior portrait sessions with a group of high school girls after discovering evidence of bullying by the teens on Facebook. While browsing Facebook, McKendrick came across a page containing nasty comments left by people whose names matched the ones on her client list, and subsequently cancelled the shoots. In a blog post titled “I Won’t Photograph Ugly People“, McKendrick writes,

This morning I sent out 4 emails to those clients while CC’ing in their parents explaining WHY I was canceling their shoots. I also included screen shots of the comments they made. They couldn’t deny it, I had the picture of what they said. I informed them that I’d be sending their deposits back and that they’d have to find another photographer. So far, I have received two emails back from their parents that claimed (I’m paraphrasing) they were shocked that this had happened. They apologized that their child acted in such a way and that they would deal with the matter. So far I haven’t received any backlash but I’m ready for it. I’m a small business owner and I have the luxury of making that decision. If you are ugly on the inside, I’m sorry but I won’t take your photos to make you look pretty on the outside!

The post has already garnered hundreds of comments and tens of thousands of Facebook “Likes” supporting her decision to stand up against bullying.


The Hooba Dooba for Bullying is getting fixed.

So with that Howdy, Semper Fi and have a wonderful Freaking day.

Sometimes the Hooba Dooba isnt broke.

In my random meanderings of the Internets I stumble across a variety of things. Alot of videos I’ve watched on Youtube have got some serious Hooba Dooba issues.

Milproakron seems to not have any Hooba Dooba issues. I’ve been watching his videos for a while when he posts them up. I’m not to hot on political aspects at times, but for the most part he does a pretty good presentation of points through his own opinion.

Now being a Marine and an Amphibious Warrior and one of the Only US Military Services that still require Swim Qualification in bootcamp, this video I found interesting.

Stealth in Water. Its short, its sweet, and its to the point and its pretty much spot on. So I figured I’d pass it on for those Amphibious warrior types.

Or for those of you who fall in the pool on a saturday night while trying to demonstrate that you are not drunk and don’t want any one to witness you getting out!

So with that Howdy, Semper Fi and have a wonderful Freaking day.

What is “The Hooba Dooba Broke”?

Have you ever been doing something and just had a lose of words on how to describe a situation your watching, listening to, or participating in?


That Lady’s and Gent’s is the “Hooba Dooba” and typically its Broke.  Now being broke doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed but sometimes you just don’t want to fix it because of the comedic factor, or the time it would take to fix it, or the fact you just don’t give a flying public butttruck load of crap if it ever gets fixed.


I face alot of Hooba Dooba’s on a daily basis, wither its at work, on the net, in town, or in life general. And sometimes I just feel like posting something.

So I present My Hooba Dooba fixer. Oh don’t worry the Hooba Dooba will still be broke. But maybe we can fix a few here and get a good laugh out of it,


So with that Howdy, Semper Fi and have a wonderful Freaking day.

There is always a Beginning and an End. but its always the middle that starts us off.

So I was sitting at my computer reading through some threads on one of the few Forums I frequent and it hit yet again.. The Ever present “I am an expert at just about damn everything and will always make a comment about something some one posts no matter if I have any experience in it or not.”

Don’t you just hate reading those things? I rarely post in forums unless I have participated, used, have experience with etc.  In this case, I posted in a thread about the ATACS Camo pattern. I have experience with it. I’ve only been using them at work in a field environment since the pattern was released to the public.

So I posted up a picture.  This is me at work, testing the pattern out.

Now here are a few things.

1. I walked five meters from the camera behind a tree.

2.  I didn’t try to hide, we where seeing how well the pattern worked. I.E. How well it broke up my Pattern.

With that in mind let me point out a few things about Camouflage Patterns.  Camouflage has one purpose truly, its not meant to “Hide” you its meant to break up your “Pattern”. A Human body standing up presents a very recognizable Pattern. Any Camo pattern will not break up a pattern by its self. Thats where Cover and Concealment come into play. Cover provides you literally “Cover” it blocks you from incoming rounds, and eyeballs spying you. Concealment provides just that “Concealment” It hides you being spotted.

With that in mind, we now go back to the fact of Camoflauge and its purpose.  Its designed to break up your pattern and provide you with Concealment. The key point is breaking up the pattern. By which in the picture you can see that ATACS does a excellent job in this terrain, there is a slight pattern outline of me standing there but it does break up the Human body Pattern very well. which leads to the comment that started this whole thing.

“You’re standing behind a tree. The tree is doing most of the work, not the pattern.”  

Well Congratulations Captain Obvious that is the whole point!

Unless you have a Camo pattern hidden in that great void of knowledge you have stashed in your G3 located on that neck of yours, that completely conceals you with out additional foliage, trees, buildings etc, I suggest you go back to your field craft school and learn what Camouflage patterns are for in the first place.

Unless you subscribed to the US Army School of Camouflage AKA the “ACU” “multi purpose camouflage for all environments”. No camouflage pattern to date is going to hide,conceal, make you a sammich, all by its lonesome.

And this Lady’s and Gents just reaffirms the whole point of this blog being started.. That Guys Hooba Dooba is broke. And reaffirms my reason as to why I’ll rarely ever post anything on Forums. To many damn self proclaimed experts in all things internet.

SO with that I say Howdy, Semper Fi and Have a wonderful Freaking day.